Why is My Poop Green?

The natural color of poop ranges from light brown to solid brown but there are other colors in the spectrum of poop. This includes green.

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Why is my poop green?

Yes, sometimes, we excrete poop with a greenish color. This isn’t mere happenstance as there are causes as to why you have green poop. Learn more about it as you read through this article.

From Food to the Inglorious Feces

Feces, stool, poop, crap, and many more terms describe one of the waste products of our bodies. The inglorious feces is the last step or the end of the road when it comes to digestion. Digestion begins at the mouth when we chew our food then the broken down food particles go to the throat then down to the esophagus. It then goes straight towards the stomach where the food particles are mixed and grounded by strong stomach acids and enzymes that eventually turn these food particles into the liquid which then journeys towards the small intestine. Powerful enzymes secreted by the pancreas and bile from the liver help digest the food particles further which is then delivered to the colon.

The leftovers from the digested food particles that are not needed by the body are still in liquid form but then turns solid when the water is removed from the liquid feces. The feces are then pushed by strong contractions towards the rectum. The rectum then gladly receives the feces until such time when it must now exit by way of the anus.

True Colors of Poop

Singularly speaking the natural color of poop ranges from light brown to solid brown but there are other colors in the spectrum of poop like red, green, dark brown to almost black. All these shades and colors signify something so let’s all find out what are the several colors of poop and find both the causes and implications of such.

Poopy Spectrum

Yellow Poop

There are times when we take a dump and are surprised to see that our poop is yellowish in color and not only that but it also smells kind of funky. When brown stool turns yellow this is due to the inability to properly digest fat because of either celiac disease or cystic fibrosis which are both diseases of the intestinal linings and the inadequacy of the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. Henceforth the yellow funky stool is due to the undigested fat.

Light Colored Poop

When your poop is as light as the color of clay, it may be because of certain abnormalities in your body. These abnormalities are partly the inability of the bile to travel to the stomach due to blockage in the bile duct or worst case is pancreatic cancer or a problem in the liver. To put it simply the absence of bile turns poop pale and light-colored.

Red Poop

Two reasons can be the cause of having red poop. The first of which is that you might just be eating foods that have red food coloring or have strong pigments like beets for example. The second reason is a cause for alarm because if you haven’t eaten any beats lately or any food with red food coloring then it may be because of some internal bleeding. The bleeding can be ranging from the esophagus down to the stomach or towards the intestine because of some ulcer or other causes. The bleeding could also be from hemorrhoids or anal fissures. If this is so, then you must get yourself some professional help.

Black Poop

I had a first-hand account of having black poop and I have to admit that it bothered me a lot. But I asked my doctor and she said that it might just be because of the Ferrous Sulfate I was taking. So we had a little experiment, I stopped taking Ferrous Sulfate for about three days and my poop went back to its original color. But had it not gone back to its original color then there were reasons that would’ve been the cause of an otherwise black poop like bleeding in the upper Gastrointestinal tract. The body’s digestive enzyme breaks the red blood cells and in turn stain the poop black.

Maroon Poop

Having a maroon-colored poop is as peculiar and as rare as it sounds because just like the red and black poop this color of the spectrum also indicates internal bleeding. The variation of all three is where does the bleeding occurs and on how fast the blood traveled to get to the stool. The faster the blood travels the brighter red we see.

Green Poop

By now you must have some idea as to why stools or poops have varied colors, there are both external and internal factors. The main query we have to answer for today is “why is my poop green?” The answer doesn’t actually veer far from the trend of the other colors in the spectrum. Some poop is green because of the diet of an individual. Under normal circumstances, all poop begin with a greenish color but eventually get turned into light brown to solid brown color due to bile.

Now bile takes a calculated amount of time to turn that greenish poop into brown, in instances where the bowel movement of an individual is so fast like in diarrhea the bile can’t fully turn the green poop to brown because they move too fast. Hence, the greenish color of your poop. But a more mundane answer to the query is that you’ve just been eating a lot of the green good stuff. As it turns out the green pigment in plants, chlorophyll,l can also affect your poop and turn them green. Pretty cool if you ask me. So again green poop is either from diarrhea or just too much of the green veggies.

The Takeaway

One thing is clear, we can’t dismiss something no matter how irrelevant we think it may be. It’s one thing to assume that something like the color of our feces or poop is one thing that we can’t be bothered with since we are so busy with our lives. But we have to put into mind that when it comes to our health nothing is too mundane and irrelevant. It’s the little clues that our bodies give us to let us know if we are doing just fine or that something may be going haywire already. All these little things make us who we are.

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