What Is 6n Hair Color? Hair Color Tips, Advice, and How-Tos

6n hair color is a very beautiful tint that would bring life and vibrancy to your hair. Read on to find out more about these hair colors and others.

6n hair color

Hair colors are diverse that it might leave your brain dizzy when trying to pick out one. 6n hair color is only one type of the many and if you are on the lookout for a color transformation then it’s best to make your research and pick wisely. By the time you are done reading this article you would have acquired good details on the different hair color types there are and what to how to pick right. 

Rediscover a healthier, happier hair with shades of 6N natural dark blonde hair dye. This particular color was developed carefully with over seventy-five percent organic and ninety-five percent naturally derived ingredients. The formula ensures that your hair is protected and gently nourished. This hair tint will provide you with great color and a hundred percent gray coverage. The results also last for a very long time

Tips For Applying 6n Hair Color

  • First, shampoo your hair and rinse it thoroughly. This will help remove stubborn gray hair or any product that accumulates in your hair. 
  • Gently comb your hair to remove tangles
  • Put on your gloves and unscrew the bottle of hair dye. But shake the bottle first
  • To get an optimal result, partition your hair and apply the color beginning at your roots and working gently through the rest of the hair. 
  • Gently massage the hair to spread the color over every strand.
  • After application covers the hair with a plastic cap. You can now remove your gloves and wait for thirty minutes. Wait for an additional ten minutes if you aim at covering all gray hair. 
  • When the time has elapsed put on your gloves and take out the plastic Cal. With warm water, rinse the hair gently, and don’t stop until the wastewater becomes clear. 
  • Use shampoo to wash the game and condition after. 
  • Rinse thoroughly before blow-drying hair.

What you need to know about hair colors 

1. Permanent Hair Color

This color appears to be temporary at first glance, but it will, unlike temporary colors that fade quickly, permanent color lasts longer. There are called permanent for a reason. But don’t expect it to last forever, asides from the natural hair color you were born in there are no artificial colors that will last forever. But if you take care of it well then it will remain vibrant for a long time. 

There are a lot of permanent hair color options available and are very popular with women. Women are especially good at trailing all the different hair color options. 

But we would advise you to start with a temporary color if you want a natural hair finish. When you are ready to commit, then you can go for the permanent color but still stick with colors that are two shades or less dark than your hair. 

2. Temporary Hair Color

Your eyes will not be able to detect if a person’s hair color is temporary, just like for permanent hair colors, with an exception to that colorist though. 

Temporary hair shade or color appeal to pro more because they give room for you to experiment with the latest color trends before you commit fully.

Note of warning here is that temporary color fades with each wash and with the time that would all have been washed off, especially colors like opal or pastel hues.

3. Highlight

The highlight is one of the trending hairstyles currently. It is a coloring technique that helps you get a sun-kissed touch to your hair. Highlights also add a multi-dimensional angle to your hair.

4. Ombre

This shadowing technique effortlessly blends two different colors perfectly. The typical look of ombre hair is that the color at the hair’s root ate farmers and gradually becomes lighter as it approaches the tip. 

This may sound like a dip-dye, and an ombre shade aims to avoid there been harsh obvious shades between two different colors, and it gives your hair an elegant look. Ombre hair is a good choice for people who wants hair with low maintenance and requires infrequent touch-ups. 

5. Root color 

A new trend in hair coloring that celebrities worldwide have been rocking, and it looks ever so cool. Root colored hair had darker colors at its root.

6. Henna 

Henna is like a breath of fresh air. You probably are used to the body rate worm called henna, but it is fast becoming popular in the hair coloring world too. It is a go-to for natural non-chemical hair color.

An amazing thing about henna is that it works with your natural hair color so both your best friend and you can get henna but the results will be different. 

7. Balayage 

This hair color is quickly becoming a hit and is almost the most requested. An A-star look is almost incomplete without Balayage tresses. It is done with a free hand that offers a lightly or heavily colored natural finish you like. 

8. Low light

We talked about highlight earlier but there is also the low light to strike the balance. What highlights does is that it lightens up your strands but low light darkens them. 

Lowlights are often combined with other techniques to add dimensions and depth to your hair color. It also makes the hair more voluminous and thicker. 

9. Hair chalk

Are you the fun type and would like to experiment with a little bit of adventure on your hair then hair chalk is for you. This style is super fun and you can easily wash it off after the night. But the memories and pictures will last a lifetime.


6n hair color is an amazing tint and would rebrand your hair so well. But if you get bored of it don’t worry, there are several other colors that you can try. Hair is so much fun, isn’t it? 

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