Wellements Gripe Water: Can It Help Older Adults With Stomach Discomfort?

Wellements Gripe Water seems to be an all-rounder solution for many gut problems, especially in babies. And on top of that, even the parents try it out on themselves sometimes and get results. But can it really help older adults with stomach discomfort? Read on to find out!

Wellements gripe water

Gripe water has been used as a remedy since the olden days. These days, it has become a go-to over-the-counter supplement. You can find many brands, including Wellements gripe water, from both online stores and local pharmacies. You can also get it from almost any store selling baby stuff.

Wellements is one gripe water brand with sodium bicarbonate in its formula. It contains no chemicals, parabens, and preservatives. There is no artificial ingredient and it is certified organic by the USDA. Aside from sodium bicarbonate, there are potent herbs in the formula.

Nowadays, using gripe water is not limited to babies and kids. As many parents saw their fussy babies calm down after being administered gripe water, people wondered if adults can get the same relief. The good news is that even adults can get the same benefits from gripe water.

The same herbal ingredients in Wellements that work for babies can work for adults too. As you read on, we will talk about these herbal ingredients and why they are effective. We will also talk about the different conditions that Wellements gripe water can help relieve in older adults.

What Makes Wellements Gripe Water Effective?

Gripe Water seems to be an all-rounder solution for many digestive system problems, especially in babies. It is good for relieving gas, indigestion, colic, and so on.  We even hear that some parents use it to relieve their babies of hiccups too. And on top of that, even the parents try it out themselves sometimes and get results.

What makes this product an effective remedy? As you know, all products are as effective as the ingredients in them. So let’s take a look at the key ingredients that make Wellements gripe water effective.

1.  Fennel

This herb contains abundant dietary fibers. As such, it provides bulk for your digestive tract and encourages your bowel movement. Your gastrointestinal muscles would find it easier to push stuff through your guts.

 2. Chamomile

Chamomile is a medicinal herb with anti-inflammatory properties. It also has potent healing and antioxidant properties. People have been using chamomile to treat diarrhea, gas, nausea, motion sickness, and vomiting for many years now. That’s why it makes gripe water a powerful remedy for the guts. It also helps treat colic and croup.

3. Ginger

Even experts agree that ginger gives relief from gut and stomach irritation. Aside from that, it also helps stimulate bile and saliva production. This makes digestive enzymes abundantly available and helps food to move more freely through your stomach and guts.

 4. Cinnamon

This spice is reported to have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a potent remedy for treating diabetes, cancer, excess lipids, and cardiovascular diseases. No wonder, it is a part of the Wellements’ formula.

5.  Licorice

Recent studies by Chinese experts show that licorice contains beneficial compounds. These compounds have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immune-boosting, and antioxidant effects.

6. Lemon balm

This contains diverse antioxidants to boost various body systems. It helps to detoxify your liver and protect your immune system. It also promotes healthy sleep.

With these ingredients in one formula, you can count on Wellements gripe water to relieve gut inflammation and indigestion. There are also additional ingredients in Wellements, they are as follows:

  • Vegetable glycerin – plant-based sweetener and humectant
  • Citric acid – natural preservative and emulsifier
  • Potassium sorbate – natural preservative
  • Xanthan gum – thickener
  • Glycerin or Agave nectar – sweetener

Can This Product Help Older Adults Too?

Wellements Gripe Water primarily treats stomach discomfort in babies and young children. However, older adults can also use it to ease stomach discomfort, as well as other gut and stomach troubles. More so, it is an OTC (non-prescription) product. So you can get it as your first line of care before seeing a doctor.

Note, however, that you should not take it with any sweet drink in a bid to enhance the taste. This is to avoid unwanted reactions between active compounds. Experts recommend that you should use plain water for its dilution, as well as to lessen the product’s taste’s intensity.

When you take it this way, it can deliver the following benefits for both infants and older adults:

1. To relieve stomach ache

If your digestive system is sensitive as an older adult, you may get frequent stomach aches. This is also the case of babies whose digestive systems are still very fragile. You can cure this by taking gripe water made by Wellements.

2.  Keeps the gastrointestinal system in check

This product contains various helpful herbs for the digestive system. You may think that they are only good for remedy and treatment, but they can have preventive benefits too. They can help keep gut and stomach problems at bay in adults.

3. Helps to treat acidity and colic

This product would leave a soothing and calming effect on your stomach. This is what usually relaxes babies when they have colic. It is also good for adults that have problems with acidity. This gripe water would help lessen discomfort.

Other conditions that you may treat with Wellements gripe water include bloating, gas, hiccups, and fussiness.

What Are the Distinguishing Features of Wellements?

As you know, Wellements is not the only brand of gripe water available out there. But then, the following features stand it out among others:

  1. This brand is vegan, kosher, and certified organic. This means it is safe to use for babies and older adults alike. More so, it fits well into different dietary plans, including many restrictive diets.
  2. After you open it, it keeps for about 4 weeks before it becomes rancid. As such, you don’t have to worry much about storage.
  3. Babies can use it up to 6 times daily (within 24 hours).
  4. Adults can also find relief from stomach discomfort and other gut-related problem when they use it.
  5. In conclusion, adults can also take Wellements gripe water to relieve them of stomach discomfort. It works fine, just the way it does for babies.
Wellements gripe water

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