What Is Vitamin B12 Sublingual?

Vitamin b12 sublingual can be absorbed by mouth mucous, which explains the “sublingual” term. This differs from regular Vitamin B12 that’s absorbed in the intestines’ mucous.

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Should you consider vitamin b12 sublingual? The big question is what the “sublingual” is all about. This refers to which mucous absorb the vitamin. Fun Fact: Foods high in Vitamin B12 include beef, tuna, and breakfast cereal. Like other nutrients, it’s important to get enough of this B vitamin in your daily diet. Besides real food, you can also boost your levels through dietary supplements. There are lots of Vitamin B12 supplements on the market to pick from. This is a good option for vegans/vegetarians in particular since it’s one of the nutrients like iron and zinc that can be tougher to get from plant-based food.  

The main issue when picking different kinds of Vitamin B12 supplements is how the body absorbs it. For example, mucus in the mouth and intestines can absorb this nutrient. It helps to explain the difference between standard and sublingual Vitamin B12. It might be surprised how many areas of the body have “mucous membranes.” They include the mouth, nose, stomach, lungs, and intestines. While we usually think of mucus as nasty stuff it’s important like other substances for the body to function properly. For example, it has an important role in how the body absorbs various vitamins including B12.   

What Exactly Are B Vitamins?

There are several B Vitamins and one of them is Vitamin B12. Like the other Vitamin Bs, it’s important to get the daily amounts needed for good health. This is a group of nutrients that absorb water. They’re important for the body’s functioning.

When shopping in a health store you might see something called Vitamin B complex. This actually includes a wide range of Vitamin Bs including B1/B2/B3/B5/B6/B7/B12. These vitamins also have specific names like niacin, biotin, and folic acid. The technical name for Vitamin B12 is cobalamin.

While B Vitamins include several vitamins each one is important for overall health and body functions. It’s important to make sure you’re consuming enough of them whether it’s from real food or dietary supplements.

B Vitamins are important for various body functions that involve health/wellbeing. Vitamin Bs are some of the building blocks for a healthy human body. They have a big effect on different factors like metabolism, energy, and brain function.

There are various functions of Vitamin Bs. They include issues like red blood cells, eyesight, appetite/digestion, hormones, muscle tone, heart health, and so on. So if you have a lack of 1+ Vitamin Bs it can cause various health issues you’ll want to avoid.

It’s also worth noting that men and women use Vitamin Bs differently. For example, health experts believe B vitamins boost men’s testosterone levels. This is important since the levels drop as they age. More research is needed about this men’s health issue.

Vitamin Bs are especially important for women’s health. For example, it’s a critical vitamin involved with pregnancy/breastfeeding. They help with the baby’s brain development and lower birth defect risks.

Vitamin Bs might help expecting mothers by lowering nausea, boosting energy, and lowering the risk of various health issues. It highlights the importance of good prenatal care including various nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

What Is Vitamin B12 Sublingual?

This type of Vitamin B12 is absorbed by oral mucus. This differs from standard Vitamin B12 that’s only absorbed in the intestines’ mucus. As with other vitamins, there are pros and cons to this particular type.

It’s important to note that sublingual-type Vitamin B12 can still be absorbed through intestine mucus. However, the mucus in the mouth can also absorb Vitamin B12. It’s believed this can provide benefits if the digestive system has problems absorbing the vitamin.

This type of vitamin is effective because it passes the intestines and is absorbed by mouth mucus instead. This is the main benefit among people with digestion issues.

However, it’s worth noting that more research is needed about this sublingual Vitamin B12. That’s because experts don’t really know how much of the vitamin the oral mucous can absorb. It’s also not known how much then enters the intestines.

That said, studies show that Vitamin B12 sublingual is as effective in absorbing the vitamin as regular Vitamin B12. It’s possible the body could absorb more. However, more research is required to determine whether or not that’s the case.

When picking sublingual supplements with Vitamin B12 there are actually several options. They include tablets, drops/sprays, strips, and even toothpaste. These products are used in different ways. However, the main goal is still the same as the mouth mucous absorbing Vitamin B12

The kind of supplement that’s picked is related to different factors. For example, when patients have problems swallowing capsules/tablets they should consider options like strips drops, and sprays. These options can be very effective.

Sublingual Vitamin B12 provides several possible benefits. They include faster absorption, avoiding intestine absorption, and easy dose/use. These are key benefits you should consider when picking vitamin supplements.

However, it’s also worth noting that real food is always the best source of nutrients. That includes Vitamin Bs.

Top Vitamin B12 Foods


This is one of the best food sources of Vitamin B12. For example, one 185g beefsteak has nearly 200% DV of Vitamin B-12. You can also get other nutrients from the steak. They include all the zinc and selenium you need for the day. It also contains good amounts of other Vitamin Bs.


This is one of the fatty fish high in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also a good option for Vitamin B-12. You should look for tuna that’s removed from the “dark muscles” a little under the skin. In fact, one serving of fresh tuna has nearly 160% DV of the nutrient.


If you’re vegetarian/vegan then these are good options since they’re plant-based. It’s worth noting that these foods have added vitamins. They’re not better options versus foods that have natural vitamin B12. However, some fortified cereals provide over 100% of daily values for vitamin B.


If you’re a shellfish fan then this is a good option. It’s high in nutrients and a good source of protein and other nutrients like Vitamin B12. Fun Fact: 20 claims have 300% daily value (DV) of Vitamin B12.

The mollusks are also high in other nutrients like antioxidants. These can help to fight off inflammation, illness, and disease. If you have a shellfish allergy you should avoid this option.


This is a good option in terms of several nutrients like protein, minerals, and vitamins. This yeast is used mostly as food versus other functions like beer and bread. Fortified can be a good source of Vitamin B12.


These foods are arguably an acquired taste. However, if you don’t have problems consuming them they can be some of the top sources of Vitamin B12. In particular, lamb liver/kidneys are high in Vitamin B12 and a good option besides vitamin b12 sublingual.

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