Trace Minerals Mega-Mag: What Is It Good For?

Mega-Mag Trace Minerals Liquid is a very rich, natural magnesium source. It contains concentrated ions of magnesium, as well as other trace elements and minerals. In this article, we will discuss details of what the Mega-Mag trace minerals supplement is good for. It is a supplement that you might want to consider using.

Trace Minerals Mega-Mag

Mega Mag Trace Minerals Liquid is a very rich, natural magnesium source. It contains concentrated ions of magnesium, as well as other trace elements and minerals. These additional minerals have natural co-factor functions.

The vegan formula is for extra magnesium supply. And you need lots of this important element. Do you know that magnesium ranks number 4 of the most abundant minerals in your body?

You will find about half of your body’s total magnesium content in your bones. The remaining half is in organs, tissues, and cells. Magnesium is in charge of more than 400 chemical responses and enzymatic reactions within your body.

Magnesium also fuels your digestive enzymes, as well as helps your body use macros effectively. These include carbs, fats, and proteins

As such, this supplement, with its charged atoms of magnesium, would help boost your energy metabolism. It would also enhance your muscle contraction, nerve conduction, tooth formation, immune function, and bone formation.

In general, the Mega Mag supplement would support your circulatory and heart health tremendously. And it’s better because it would protect you from one of the biggest dietary deficiencies in America. Researchers tell us that people in the U.S hardly meet the daily requirements for magnesium.

In this article, we will discuss details of what the Mega-Mag trace minerals supplement is good for. It is a supplement that you might want to consider using.

What’s Special about Mega Mag Supplement?

This product is a part of Trace Mineral’s Liquimin product line. It contains ionically charged supplements. These kinds of supplements indeed make a remarkable difference. They are not only more bio-available but also easier for the body to absorb.

This kind of supplement is your perfect choice if you detest swallowing pills. You will get the full health benefits from magnesium. And these benefits will come with convenience, ease, and great speed.

The supplement is made of a high dose of magnesium and low-level sodium concentrate. The sodium concentrate is extracted from the inland sea of Utah. Aside from these 2 ingredients, this liquid supplement does not contain any other ingredients.

Magnesium is not the only mineral you will find in Mega Mag. The Liquimin surges with more than 72 trace elements and minerals that will promote your body’s optimal health. And to make it even better, the product is gluten-free, certified vegan, Non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher.

Experts suggest that one-fourth of a teaspoon (1mL) should be the least dose daily for this supplement. But you can take as high as a teaspoon (4 mL). Take it with food or juice to mask the flavor of highly conc. mineral.

We would advise that if you are just starting to use this supplement, begin with one-fourth of a teaspoon. You can then increase your dosage gradually as needed. If you will be taking a teaspoon daily, don’t take it all at once. Rather, spread it throughout your day.

If you take too much magnesium at once, it might exert laxative effects on your body. Well, that’s one way to know if you need to reduce your dosage.

If you are carrying a pregnancy or nursing a child, please ask your doctor first before you use any supplement. And keep it away from your children’s reach.

What is This Supplement Good For?

Mega Mag formula is designed for maximum absorption and fast action because the minerals are in Ionic form. More so, your body needs magnesium for more than 400 different chemical responses and enzymatic reactions.

That’s not all. Magnesium ions also play a very vital role in many other aspects of your health. These include heart health, nerve and muscle functions, protein metabolism, energy production, and so on. Magnesium’s health benefits are indeed limitless.

It is, however, sad that as high as about 7 out of every 10 Americans don’t get enough magnesium in their daily diet. Meanwhile, healthy magnesium levels are very vital for a person’s optimum health. That’s what this product is good for, primarily. It would help you maintain healthy magnesium levels.

In the next section, we will talk about a few of the benefits of magnesium for your health. You will further understand why it is very necessary to ensure that your body gets all the magnesium it needs.

Health Benefits of Magnesium

1. Cardiovascular health

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for the healthy function of muscles. This includes the heart (or cardiac) muscles. Researchers found out that magnesium is one of the key requirements for optimum heart health.

Aside from its roles in the function of muscles, magnesium also exerts effects at the cellular level. In 2018, a scientific review shows that a deficiency of magnesium increases the risk of developing cardiovascular problems.

In that review, experts observed that one common thing in people who suffer from congestive heart failure is magnesium deficiency. They also found out that a higher degree of deficiency correlates with poorer clinical prognosis or outcomes.

2. Bone health

When it comes to bone health, most researchers focus on calcium and the role it plays. However, magnesium also plays a vital role in the healthy formation of bones.

Recent research linked adequate consumption of magnesium with improved bone density. The research also linked it with improvements in the formation of bone crystals, as well as reduced risk of post-menopause osteoporosis.

Aside from its direct effects on bones, magnesium also regulates Vitamin D and calcium levels. These two are vital nutrients when it comes to bone health. As such, magnesium also exerts indirect effects on bone health.

3. Diabetes

Magnesium plays a vital role in insulin metabolism and the regulation of glucose. As such, experts postulated that it might help reduce diabetes risks. Research studies, medical reviews, and lab trials confirmed this to be true.

4. Premenstrual syndrome

Recent small-scale studies show that magnesium supplements might help improve the symptoms of PMS. This works best when taken alongside vitamin B6. Research on this claim is, however, still limited. We need further studies to validate the claim.

5. Migraine headaches

Experts say that magnesium therapy might help relieve or prevent headaches. The reason for this is simple. Low levels of magnesium in your brain can cause migraines. This is so because magnesium deficiency affects neurotransmitters in the brain.

Is Mega-Mag Good For Mental Health?

Magnesium levels have been implicated in certain mood disorders. These include anxiety and depression. It affects neural activities in the glands that regulate response to stress. So some experts suggest that magnesium supplements like Mega Mag could help with reducing anxiety and treating depression.

Trace Minerals Mega-Mag

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