Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate

Tony’s chocolate includes ingredients like raw cacao, white chocolate, raspberry, toffee, and almonds. This chocolate product is imported from Europe. Learn more here!

Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate

Tony’s chocolate product is from Tony’s Chocolonely. It features traditional ingredients like chocolate, sugar, and cocoa butter. You also get traditional caramel and sea salt, which is less processed than iodized salt. The product is produced in Europe so it’s a good option for fans of European chocolate.

About The Brand

The global chocolate industry is estimated to be over $100 billion. There are many chocolate products on the market including chocolate bars, baked goods, and drinks. This offers a wide range of different products from different companies. 

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 so it has 10+ years of industry experience. This offers more experience than startup companies and other companies that haven’t been on the market for a long time. Tony’s is produced in Europe so if you’re a fan of the region’s chocolate then this is a good option.

Tony’s chocolate product includes caramel and sea salt. It also includes other traditional ingredients like chocolate, sugar, and cocoa butter. The product isn’t 100% organic although it includes many natural ingredients that make it healthier than other products with many additives.  

Is It Tasty?

Some people didn’t like the taste and reported it was mild other issues. However, Tony’s chocolate has received an average of 4.5/5 stars from 100+ Amazon reviews. Most customers have given it a positive review. So there’s a greater chance you’ll also have a positive experience. It’s still important to try out the product yourself. 


Here are some of the main ingredients:

  • Sugar 
  • Whole milk powder
  • Cocoa butter 
  • Caramel 
  • Sea salt
  • Cocoa 

These are natural basic ingredients for chocolate products. They’re not the healthiest options but they’re healthier than many other chocolate products on the market. One key is to go with natural ingredients since they’re healthier than artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

Why this version is better than competitors

One key difference is that there are several ingredients available including:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Sea Salt
  • Caramel
  • Raspberry
  • Almonds
  • White Chocolate

This offers more variety when picking a flavor.

Another main benefit is the product includes high-quality natural ingredients. This can provide benefits in terms of taste, texture, and nutrients. These are all important issues when picking a chocolate product. They can help to provide better value with tonys chocolate. The overall value of a chocolate product is worth considering when picking a product. 

What are the benefits?

1. Brand

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 so it has 10+ years of industry experience. This provides more value versus other companies like startups and generic/off brands. It’s good to go with a company that has a good amount of industry experience for a better product.

2. Varieties

There are many varieties including dark, white, and milk chocolates. You can also pick from various ingredients like almond, raspberry, and toffee. These are some traditional flavors that give you many options when picking a chocolate bar. It also allows you to alternate flavors so you won’t get tired of the same product.

3. Fair Trade

If you’re looking for fair trade products then this is a good option. It helps to make sure you’re purchasing a product that provides workers with fair wages, for example. This is important when buying certain products like chocolate and coffee because in many situations workers that produce such products aren’t treated fairly.

4. Ingredients

This product isn’t 100% organic. It also contains some ingredients like sugar and corn syrup that aren’t the healthiest options. However, the ingredients are generally natural and high-quality. This provides a good experience for chocoholics since they’ll want a good quality experience. This is critical to make sure customers have a good experience when purchasing chocolate products.

5. Value

The price isn’t the cheapest one at about $15. However, you get a good quality chocolate product so it might be worthwhile for people looking for good quality at a decent price. This chocolate product is sourced from Europe, which is famous for its chocolate products.

6. Reviews

This product has received generally positive reviews from customers including an average of 4.5/5 stars. This makes it more likely you’ll have a positive experience when trying the chocolate bar. However, it’s important to try out the product yourself to determine if it’s a good option for you. 100+ people have reviewed the chocolate on Amazon.


The chocolate bar costs about $15. It’s somewhat higher than the average price for chocolate bars. However, these products include natural ingredients and are available in several varieties. This offers more value than many other chocolate products. So this helps to explain the higher price tag. People should expect to pay higher price tags for good quality chocolate bars. 

Company Information

A. Company Address, Phone Number, and website

B. Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

Tony’s Chocolonely reports all sales are final and it doesn’t provide any returns. However, you can contact the company if there are any questions or concerns about products, orders, and so on.

Customer Reviews  

A. 5 positive reviews

  • Natural ingredients
  • Fairtrade product
  • Imported from Europe
  • High-quality chocolate 
  • Many flavors available

B. 5 negative reviews

  • Waxy/Chalky texture
  • High price tag 
  • Some people might not like the taste
  • Might melt due to packaging
  • Hard to break due to shape

Where to buy

Tony’s Chocolonely was founded in 2005 so it’s been on the market for over a decade. This provides more experience than startup companies. It also makes it easier to find in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. Make sure to call a store to find out if they carry the product.

You can also shop online. Tonys chocolate is available at online stores like the company’s homepage and online retailers like Amazon. This provides more convenience since you can shop online using your mobile device and web connectivity. It makes it easy to save time and effort. 

Link to the product page:

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