Teeccino Herbal Tea

Teeccino Herbal Tea is flavorful and healthy compared to other similar products or alternatives.

Teeccino Herbal Tea

People want to enjoy their preferred beverage as a way to relax and reduce stress levels. However, one can say that not all of these beverages are created equal and the same can be said for teas. Some teas can just be plain and boring while others can be healthier than others. Fortunately, there is a product called Teeccino Herbal Tea, a tea product that is healthier than other similar products. 

If you want to know more about Teeccino Herbal Tea, read on!

About The Brand

Teeccino Herbal Tea comes from a company called Teeccino, a company that focuses on two major principles- promoting their customers’ optimal health and at the same protecting life on planet earth. With these directives, the Teeccino team moves with purpose in terms of ingredient sourcing and pays particular attention to how communities can gain financial opportunities by working with the company. It also binds its operations on the four (4) Ps which are profits, planet, people, and purpose. 

Some of the products of Teecino include Gluten-Free Cereal, Herbal Coffee, Herbal Tea, Samplers, and variety packs and gifts.

Is Teeccino Herbal Tea Tasty?

Teeccino Herbal Tea is not only tasty but is also quite flavorful and healthy compared to other similar products or alternatives. Teeccino Herbal Tea is claimed to have that roasted chicory flavor and can provide a delicious and healthy treat that can boost energy levels without any added caffeine. This herbal tea can also improve gut health and function with its significant prebiotic content. Teeccino Herbal Tea is also a versatile beverage as it can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Some of the ingredients of Teeccino Herbal Tea include organic carob, organic Ramon seeds, organic chicory, and natural coffee flavor, among others. These organic ingredients provide the product with its energy-boosting properties through nutrients instead of stimulants.

Why This Version Is Better Than Competitors

Teeccino Herbal Tea is better than its competitors because while it is free from caffeine, it is an excellent energy booster and ideal for people who want to feel energized throughout the day. Compared to other similar products, this herbal tea can also support immunity and gut health with its prebiotic content. It is also a rather versatile beverage as it can be enjoyed cold or hot.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of Teeccino Herbal Tea include the following:

  • Teeccino Herbal Tea is a delicious tasting herbal tea with that roasted chicory flavor using only organic ingredients
  • Teeccino Herbal Tea is caffeine-free but at the same energy-boosting through its nutritional content.
  • Teeccino Herbal Tea can also help improve the immune response through prebiotic support.
  • Teeccino Herbal Tea is also a versatile beverage as it can be enjoyed either iced or hot.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

Teeccino Herbal Tea is priced at $28.99 based on the Amazon website. A similar product called Teavana Peach Tranquility is priced at $21.88 also available from Amazon.

Company Information

For questions or clarifications, people can contact the company Teeccino at 800.498.3434 x101 or via their email at [email protected]teeccino.com. People can also contact the manufacturer via its contact us page at https://teeccino.com/contact-us/.

Teecino also has a 45-day return and refund policy with details which can be found via Teecino’s Shipping and Returns page at https://teeccino.com/shipping-returns/.

Customer Reviews 

Below are some of the positive reviews for this product

Tastes Like Coffee without the side effects
“I love Teeccino because caffeine gives me heart palpitations and the acid upsets my stomach and triggers bladder pain and spasms. This is both caffeine free and non-acidic. It’s a great alternative for those with health issues. I do not care for the other flavors as much (I tried a variety pack), but French Roast tastes like coffee and is very dark; it pairs well with creamer. Just fix it the same way you would prepare coffee. I bought some for a friend who recently quit coffee and she loves it. The fact that it’s organic can make a nice gift for clean eaters. I hope these come in K-cups soon. In the meantime, I find the tea bags more convenient than the grounds, as I don’t typically consume more than one cup a day.”


Excellent Coffee Substitute
“Wow! Another coffee devotee here, who also buys fair trade coffee from local roasters, uses a burr grinder, etc. I feel like I am copying the review below mine, except I can’t really have caffeine after about noon. Now, of course this *isn’t* coffee, but it for sure scratches the same itch. We got the French Roast and it is very rich and very dark with a nice full bodied feel to it. I’ve been having a cup after dinner to help myself avoid dessert and it is working really well! Would be delicious with cream or sweetener but I have been enjoying mine black. Also the teabags are enormous so you really can get a big, strong cup of brew. At first we balked at the price but we will buy again, for sure. For what it’s worth, I also enjoy the Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma but it isn’t nearly so much like coffee as this brand is.”


I love it
“I first heard about this herbal coffee tea while at my daughter-in-law’s house. I haven’t been able to drink coffee or anything with caffeine for years so I was excited to try this. I ordered the French Roast and it’s coffee to me! I ordered other flavors and will be receiving them today. You have made this lady very happy because I did miss coffee and never could find a good substitute until now. Thank you!!!”

Amazon Customer

Below are some of the negative reviews for this product:

Caution…Autoimmune and neuropathy related…tea may be a trigger
“I am giving this 1 star only so it gets read….this tea tastes amazing. I cannot have caffeine, or coffee due to autoimmune atrophic gastritis, which led to small fiber neuropathy. Something in this tea badly triggered the neuropathy pain, and severely irritated my stomach. I only added pure coconut cream and coconut sugar. Now with swelling hands and feet and nerve flare up and intense stomach pain after the 3rd cup, have cancelled my order for the 25 serving box. Too bad, I really enjoyed it. I hope this helps someone.”

C. Layne

If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.
“I am on a quest to meet my chocolate cravings without impacting my diet goals so much – I’m afraid I did not find it here.

I’m a little surprised by the glowing reviews, perhaps I’m an odd ball? For my taste, this stuff was terrible! It had very little flavour and what I did taste reminded me a little of dirt. I also purchased the vanilla nut, same story. Kicking myself that I spent over $12 on both!

Now, on the bright side, both products smell lovely while brewing. Perhaps I might simply enjoy the aroma and just opt not to actually consume the product!”

Luna Bretzke

Not mentioned you cannot return

Miss-ordered because “tea Bags” was at the end of a three line description. I usually order the 11oz bulk bags. I’ve never miss-order any Prime product that cannot be returned or refunded. Especially with no warning information in the write up.”

Pilot Bob

Where to buy

Those who want to buy this product can do so via the Amazon website at https://www.amazon.com/Teeccino-Organic-Caffeine-Substitute-Prebiotic/dp/B00DY4IV8C/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

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