Tasty Bite Lentils

Tasty Bite lentils is an Indian dish with red beans, tomato sauce, and natural spices. It’s available in 6/12/18-pack bundles and microwaveable to deliver extra convenience for busy households. Learn more here!

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Tasty Bite lentils include healthy ingredients like lentils/beans, tomatoes, onions/cumin/chilies, and cream/butter. It is a fully-cooked product that you can microwave in one minute. It provides more convenience than Indian dishes you have to make with fresh ingredients.

Is It Safe To Use?

This product includes natural ingredients like beans, tomatoes, herbs/spices, and cream/butter. Since it contains natural ingredients, it can help to avoid the side-effects of artificial ingredients like colors, flavors, and preservatives. They can cause health issues among people with food allergies, for example.  


  • Lentils/Red Beans: These foods are both good sources of nutrients like protein, vitamins/minerals, and fiber. When combined with brown rice you can turn these foods into a “complete protein” with all essential amino acids (EAAs) required from food.
  • Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes are technically fruits since they have seeds. The tomato sauce in this product provides lots of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That includes the powerful antioxidant that provides the tomato with its famous red color.
  • Herbs and Spices: You get bold flavors through the tasty spices of this dish. It helps to provide lots of tasty flavors to the lentils dish. Ingredients like onions and cumin offer a big plus since it adds lots of taste to the healthy lentils dish.


Tasty Bite lentils is a fully-cooked dish. Just warm it up in a microwave in one minute. That allows you to enjoy a hot lentil dish very quickly. You won’t have to spend lots of time preparing traditional Indian cuisine. 

You can consume tasty bite lentils anytime during the day. That includes any square meal or even in-between meals as a snack. 

You can get many nutrients from ingredients like beans, tomatoes, and spices. This includes ones like proteins, vitamins/minerals, and antioxidants. These are all key nutrients that can provide various health benefits.

What Are The Side Effects, if Any?

Most people have given the product a positive review. Some argued the product didn’t have strong flavors, had a chemical taste, etc. However, most people gave a Tasty Bite lentils a positive review. They liked the taste and argued it tasted like genuine Indian dishes.

What Are The Benefits?

1. Brand

Tasty Bite has been on the market since 1995 so it has a quarter-century of industry experience. This provides a plus over startup companies offering Indian cuisine, for example. It’s important to go with a well-established company to experience better value in terms of product quality and customer service.

2. Ingredient

This product includes several natural ingredients including:

  • Lentils/Beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Cumin
  • Onions
  • Chilies
  • Cream/Butter

These are all-natural ingredients that add value to the product. As always it’s important to go with dishes that include healthy ingredients. You should avoid synthetic ingredients like colors, flavors, and preservatives. They can trigger unwanted side-effects among people with food allergies, for example.

3. Flavors

You get bold flavors including onions, cumin, and chilies. This provides lots of taste from the lentils dish. These flavors are popular in traditional Indian dishes and you can get them from Tasty Bite.

4. Fully-cooked

This dish is already fully cooked so you won’t have to spend lots of cooking time. You can microwave the lentils in one minute so you’ll have a hearty meal with brown rice, soups, etc. When preparing dishes one of the keys is to avoid long cooking times when possible. You’ll want to avoid that situation since it requires more time/effort.

5. Multi-pack Bundles

This allows you to get more value compared to products with one serving. You can also save money since the price/pack will be lower with bigger bundles. They’re a good option if you have a large family or need convenient meals throughout the day. In both situations, Tasty Bite lentils is a good option.

6. Reviews

This product has received an average of 4.5/5 stars from about 1250+ reviews. There were some complaints about the taste of the product. However, most people were satisfied with the taste, texture, etc.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

The 6-pack is about $34 or about $5.70 per unit. This is relatively high for pre-packaged food. However, it’s worth noting the food is made from all-natural ingredients, fully-cooked, and microwavable. These features add value to the product and might make the price worthwhile due to the value.

 Company Information

A. Company Address, Phone Number, and website

Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

  • Beans, tomato sauce, and spices
  • Fully-cooked entrée
  • All-natural dish
  • 6/12/18/24-pack
  • Microwavable dish

B. 5 negative reviews

  • Price increased
  • Some batches have bugs
  • Not flavorful enough for some people
  • Could have mold
  • Might taste like chemicals

Where to buy

Tasty Bite was founded over two decades ago in 1995. This makes it easier to find tasty bite lentils and other products from the company. This includes locations like supermarkets and health stores. Make sure to contact a store first to find out if they carry Tasty Bite products.

You can also find Tasty Bite products online. That includes the company’s homepage and online retailers like Amazon.

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