Sea Tangle Noodle Kelp Noodles

Sea Tangle kelp noodles are low-carb noodles that can be combined with meat, veggies, etc. They’re an alternative to wheat noodles.


Sea Tangle Kelp noodles are a low-carb noodle made of kelp. That is a healthy ingredient that can absorb the other ingredients that are added to the noodles. Kelp is also a healthy food that has many vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. That makes it a good option if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to wheat flour noodles.

Is It Safe To Use?

Kelp typically doesn’t cause food allergies. If you have a kelp allergy, then you should avoid the product. However, it usually won’t trigger allergic reactions among people. It’s necessary to observe if you have side-effects after consuming the kelp noodles.

A. Ingredients

Kelp is the main ingredient in the noodles. This food is high in various nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If you’re looking for low-carb noodles, this option is a good choice. In this situation, the carb count is lower than wheat flour noodles, for example. One of the pulses of the noodles is they can be paired with many ingredients.


A. What time of day should it be taken?

You can consume the noodles anytime during the day. They’re ideal for lunch and dinner. However, you could also eat them for breakfast by adding some breakfast ingredients. They’re a light noodle, which makes them ideal for breakfast. The key is to find pairings to improve the noodles with ingredients that are ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

B. How long does it take to kick in?

These noodles are easy to digest because they’re kelp. You can probably digest them faster than regular wheat flour noodles. However, the process could be longer if you add items like meat and fish/seafood. In that case, it could take much more time to digest the dish. However, the kelp noodles are generally easier to digest than other kinds of noodles like wheat and rice.

C. How many can you take in a day?

The noodles are low-carb, so you could probably consume them 1 or 2 times per day even if you’re on a low-carb diet. It’s important to count calories if you’re on a low-calorie diet and carbs if you’re on a low-carb diet. However, these noodles are quite low-carb, so it shouldn’t be a major issue if you consume them two times per day, for example.

What Are The Side Effects?

There are some possible ones, including high heavy metals, iodine, and hypothyroidism. It’s important to pick a reliable product because sometimes there are labeling issues about iodine content and others.

You should also check with your doctor about possible drug interactions. Sometimes certain foods can cause side-effects when they are combined with dietary supplements or prescription drugs. In those situations, you can experience side-effects from kelp products. You should also consult with your doctor about whether kelp would have any negative effects when combined with medicines.

What Are The Benefits Of Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles?

  1. Low-carb: These noodles are low-carb, which makes them ideal if you’re on diets like Keto and Atkins. Kelp noodles can have 0g of net carbs due to 1g of carbs and 1g of fiber. When the fiber, is subtracted you could end up with 0g of net carbs.
  2. Brand: Sea Tangle has been on the market since 2001, so it has nearly two decades of industry experience. That is a plus over companies that are startups, for example. It’s important to go with a company that has lots of experience in terms of kelp noodles, customer service, etc. That’s why Sea Tangle is a good option.
  3. Value: The price is in the under-$5 range, which is relatively low for kelp noodles. It’s somewhat higher than wheat flour noodles. However, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative, then the price might be worthwhile since you’re getting 12 ounces of noodles for the price tag. That offers excellent value.
  4. Raw food: It is raw food, so it’s very healthy since you lose vitamins, minerals, and enzymes if you cook food at high temperatures. That includes kelp.
  5. Fat-free: If you’re looking for a low-carb noodle option, then this is a good choice. That’s because it’s fat-free. Some studies show that a low-fat diet can help to lose weight. That is generally considered to be under 20% of your total calories. 
  6. Options: You can use kelp noodles in different ways. They include hot noodle soup, salads, and others. Make sure to research the web for recipe ideas.
  7. Nutrition: You can get several minerals from kelp, which makes it a good option if you’re looking for a healthy kind of noodle.


The price is in the under $5 range. It’s somewhat high compared to wheat noodles. However, this is a niche since it’s kelp noodles. So the price is within the average range for kelp noodles. The quality is also worth considering since the company has been on the market for about two decades. That is a plus over other companies on the market.  

Company Information

A. Company Address, Phone Number, and website

Customer Reviews 

A. 5 Positive Reviews

  • Can be used for salads
  • Low-carb and fat-free
  • Raw food
  • Mineral-rich kelp
  • 12-ounce bag of noodles

B. 5 Negative Reviews

  • The texture is very chewy
  • Diet food
  • Very salty
  • Some people don’t like the taste
  • Bland taste

Where to buy

Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles can be purchased in supermarkets, health stores, etc. Make sure to contact a store first to find out if they carry the kelp noodles. That will help to determine if you should shop at a brick & mortar store.

You can also purchase the noodles at the Sea Tangle homepage and online retailers like Amazon. That provides more convenience since you can shop using your device and Internet connection. It provides more convenience and saves time and effort. You can even shop when you’re away from home at work, school, gym, etc.

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