The 5 Best High In Protein Pasta Alternatives

Give up carbohydrates and double up your protein intake with protein pasta. Check out these Top 5 Protein Pasta Brands to help you with your cravings.

Lemony Asparagus Penne Pasta

Millions of people love their pasta. Different recipes and variants offer different flavors and tastes and can provide chefs and other individuals the chance to experiment with different ingredients and combinations. In recent years, however, pasta has gotten sort of a bad rap due to its supposed carb content. But what if we told you that you can have a different form of pasta, one that contains more protein? Fortunately, there are certain pasta alternatives out in the market today that can provide high protein needs of individuals. In this article, we look at the five (5) (and more!) high in protein pasta alternatives.

Why The Need For High Protein Past?

Are you the type of person who is still craving for pasta but is also trying to cut down on the carbs you consume? While increasing protein intake can be quite challenging for some, we fortunately now have alternatives that can help us reduce the intake of carbs while at the same time increasing our consumption of protein.

The 5 Best High In Protein Pasta Alternatives

Five (5) of the Best High In Protein Pasta Alternatives and where to get them

Listed below are the Five (5) best high in protein pasta alternatives for people who crave pasta but don’t like the carbs that go with eating them.

1. Orgran Buckwheat Spirals: Best for people who want to go gluten-free

These spiral pastas are made up primarily of two (2) components- some buckwheat (of course) and some rice flour. This means that this product is gluten-free and also wheat free. Buckwheat may have the word wheat in it but it definitely does not contain any wheat in it. In fact, buckwheat belongs to the family of plants known as rhubarbs and does not have any relationship at all to wheat.

2. Dr. Zaks High Protein Pasta

This pasta from Dr. Zaks is made from durum wheat that is traditional which makes it one of the most similar tasting pasta alternatives on this list. Fortunately, this pasta alternative has reduced amounts of carbs compared to white pasta that is traditional (around 55% fewer carbs than the regular pasta). One might be wondering though where all of this protein is coming from and if you guessed soya, then you are incorrect! This pasta also does not contain any soya making if perfect for those who may be allergic to soy. Instead, Dr. Zaks, high protein pasta utilizes a mixture of fresh eggs and isolate from pea protein.

3. Clearspring Organic Chickpea Pasta: Best for those who want to take care of the environment

Those on a veggie or a vegan diet know that chickpeas can be a fantastic protein source. This pasta is organic and is developed using chickpea flour that is gluten-free with some added psyllium husk to add some fiber. The company claims that this protein-rich pasta of theirs can be used as a base for salads during summer days and is a great noodle to use for different pasta dishes. A bonus of this product is that it is produced in an environment-friendly and sustainable factory. Talk about health and sustainability.

4. Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta: Best for having dinner guests surprised

It may be a good idea not to let dinner guests know the ingredients of the said pasta before they have finished their meal. This is because Bugsolutely (as the name implies) uses bugs as one of the main ingredients for its pasta- specifically crickets. It is composed mostly of wheat flour (80%)  while the other twenty percent is made of crickets. The brand also claims that the earthy taste is also matched by the pasta’s brown color. Cricket pasta has some great health benefits which include omega 3, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and protein. On top of all this, eating cricket pasta is excellent for the environment. Getting ready for the future of food? Then start getting used to eating these kinds of products/ food items!

5. Flax Penne and Profusion Lentil: Best for having your dish beautified

This penne type of pasta is made from flax and red lentil and contains tons of natural flax fiber and protein. In addition, this pasta product is grain-free and gluten-free and it can be a tasty and fun alternative to white regular pasta that is traditionally made of wheat. In addition, this product is easy to prepare and cook and as a bonus, the dark red color of the pasta can make your food item more worthy of your social media pictures. Instagram, anyone?

Other Pasta Alternatives That Are High In Protein

Why stop at five (5) when you can have other pasta alternatives? Listed below are some of the other options to choose from:

  1. Food for life Ezekiel Wholegrain Fettucine: Best in terms of Ingredients
  2. Really Healthy Pasta Mungbean Penne: Best for increased fiber intake
  3. Rustichella Pasta Young High Protein Pasta: Best for Bodybuilders that are Vegan
  4. Atlantic Kitchen Sea Spaghetti Organic Seaweed- Best for Wraps that are nutrient-dense

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