Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

A memory foam pillow will fit and contour based on your shape and thus ensures comfort like a second skin and it will give you proper alignment of your spinal column. It will not flatten like ordinary pillows or lump on one side.

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Sleep is one of the comforts some young kids just don’t appreciate but when they get a bit older they don’t know that it’s a comfort most sleep-deprived adults like us really would like to indulge in. Isn’t it wonderful to not worry what time to get up and leave for work, if only we can turn the hands of time backward? On the subject of sleep, did you know that funny as it may seem there are different types of sleeping positions? One of which is the side sleeping. Today let’s talk about side sleeping, tips for those who side sleepers, problems when it comes to sleeping sideways and the best pillows that one can use in sleeping. 

Problems Of Side Sleepers

I myself am a side sleeper. I have always found that sleeping on my side to be rather comfortable ever since I was a child. But of course, it was the most convenient position for me when I was pregnant, most especially when I reached my third trimester and my belly just tripled its size. Side sleeping seemed the only way I could breathe while sleeping. Little did I know that side sleeping has its problems. One of which is the inevitable back and neck pain. Experts have time and again advised people that the proper way to catch some Zs is sleeping on your back this way there is no strain on your neck and back. There is also the pins and needles on your arms when you wake up in the morning when you accidentally sleep on your arm while sleeping sideways. That is why we shouldn’t take pieces of advice by doctors against sleeping sideways so lightly. They only want what’s best for us. It is their job to keep us healthy after all. 

Useful Tips for Side sleepers

If you have already developed a habit of sleeping on your side and can no longer get yourself to move on and stop there are some useful tips that might be able to ease the situation.

Never sleep on your arm.

One of the problems of sleeping sideways is having a numb arm with the feeling of pins and needles when you wake up. But did you know that there is only one solution to this simple problem? Yup! You’ve guessed it right. Never sleep on your arm, intentionally of course. But if all throughout your sleep you can’t help it then you might want to read the next tip for that.   

Buy yourself a firm and thick pillow.

Sometimes it’s just in the way we deal with what we have. Of course, no two people are alike, we are all said to be unique so what might work for one might not work for all but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try. If you sleep sideways and have a bit of a problem when it comes to accidentally sleep on your arm then perhaps you should get yourself a pillow. Not just any pillow though, go and invest in a good firm and thick pillow. This piece of advice does not only work for your accidental sleeping on your arm but also for your neck and back. This will allow your spine to align. When we sleep, the doctors’ main concern would be the alignment of our spine. It has to be straight to release the tension on any part. And if you sleep sideways well there is a strain on both your neck and back. Hence the need for firm and thick pillows for side sleepers is able to align spine even when you sleep on your side. 

Get yourself a good mattress. 

People don’t know that half the magic of sleeping peacefully at night is the kind of mattress you have. My grandma and grandpa used to own a bed that is quite bouncy because of the springs. It was a good mattress for playtime and bouncing. But it wasn’t quite a comfortable mattress to sleep on however since we were still children we didn’t know the difference of a good from a bad mattress. It seemed that even the floor was a good place to sleep on. But as we age we get some sort of idea. I became picky when I had back problems because of the way I slept. Especially when, I got pregnant. Good golly I couldn’t sleep on a hard mattress with firm foams inside because of the added weight of my belly, I had to sleep on a comfortable soft mattress. But the true balance of things is to purchase a mattress that you don’t sink into because you need the support of a sturdy mattress for your spine but not too firm that it then feels like a rock. Nowadays there are therapeutic mattresses out there designed especially for people with back problems. You need not look further because you can buy one from an online shop. Be careful though. Check the first of the cite and the seller is reliable.   

Put a pillow between your knees.

Another way to remove the strain from your back is to straddle a pillow or by putting a good pillow in between your knees. This simple tactic might help in keeping your spine aligned. 

Don’t underestimate the power of stretch.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? It’s probably to reach for your phone and check your emails, social media accounts, and text messages. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds though. Why don’t you stretch out a little before you go and grab your phone? This way your strained muscles, while you slept, could ease up a little. 

Pillows for Side Sleepers

If you think that back and neck pains will be with you forever, then you are wrong. If you go back to the useful tips we gave you, you will see that you only need to have an excellent pillow for the job. So here is a shortlist of pillows that are best suited for side sleepers. You can judge for yourself what the best pillow is for side sleepers. 

1. Memory Foam Pillows

A memory foam pillow will fit and contour based on your shape and thus ensure comforts like a second skin and proper alignment of your spinal column. It will not flatten like ordinary pillows or lump on one side. There are a lot of choices out there but consumers have rated Xtreme Comforts Loft Bamboo’s Memory Foam as the best. As far as their opinion is concerned.

2. The Ultimate Pillow by Eightsleep

This pillow is designed to suit your particular needs. It can be adjusted to 9 different levels via its inserts so you can adjust and adjust until you find the right height for you. It also has memory foam for side sleepers. 

3. Temperpedic Contour Breeze Pillow

A pillow that has an ergonomic design to fit the shape of your neck and yet still has a luxurious feel to it. It has a cooling feature with a breathable cover and cooling gel added to it for breezy comforts during those humid nights. 

4. Extra Firm Standard by Wamsutta

This particular pillow of Wamsutta boasts of consistently contouring along with the shape of your head and neck as you move about when you sleep. The name says it all. It is an extra firm for that added support. It has cotton and polyester as its fill. 

No one said and is saying that you should stop sleeping on your side. It’s like telling someone to stop breathing. You are probably going to have to deal with it your whole life. But who says it should be painful. You just need a good pillow and a reliable mattress. So go on and catch some Zs. 

best pillows for side sleeper

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