Parissa Waxing: Your At-Home Hair Removal Needs

An entire industry is dedicated to hair removal. Parissa waxing is one of the leading lights in that industry. Read on to find out more about their products.

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We all love to have silky and perfectly smooth skin, right? If you have a date night, you don’t want to go there looking unkempt. And that’s why an entire industry is dedicated to hair removal. Parissa waxing is one of the leading lights in that industry.

Everywhere you turn, you will find options for waxing, shaving, sugaring, creams, and more. You may have tried many options already. But you keep on searching still. You not only want a product that will give you results. You also want one that will not irritate your skin.

Another factor is how long it would take before you need to wax again. We all want something that will last. And then, being able to do your hair-removal at home is a much welcome benefit. All of these are reasons why Parissa claims the spotlight among competing brands.

You need not search further if you are looking or a perfect line of waxing products. Parissa ticks all the boxes. Their products contain powerful ingredients, such as Azulene and Vitamin E. These ingredients not only nourish your skin but also stave off irritation and redness after your waxing procedure.

That’s not all. Parissa brand makes various products that fit different body parts and hair types. So with nothing else but Parissa products, you can wax your entire body! All you need is one source, and you can have a complete wax from head (technically, brows) to toes.

Parissa has waxing kits that suit both men and women. These are all made with 100% natural ingredients. So they provide top-notch quality waxes to make your skin perfectly smooth skin.

Parissa Waxing Products for your At-Home Hair Removal Needs

1. Hard/Hot Wax

If you are seasoned in the act of waxing, you would know that the real deal is with Hard/Hot Waxes. Parissa Hard/Hot wax gives professional waxing results for the face, brows, and bikini at home.

It is a strip-free formula that encapsulates coarse and stubborn hairs. It removes these hairs deep from their roots. That way, your smooth skin will be long-lasting.

This product is your best bet when it comes to Brazilian and Bikini waxing. It is an excellent choice for shaping your brows and having a fuzz-free face. More so, it’s very easy to get it heated and to keep it warm throughout the time of application using the Parissa Warmer.

2. Sugar Wax

The Sugar Wax made by Parissa is very gentle but highly effective. It’s a perfect choice for all-over at-home waxing. You can use it for your face, bikini, and body.

This sugar wax is organic. It contains certified organic ingredients. And it is also infused with the all-powerful Chamomile; an ingredient that helps soothe super-sensitive skin.

More so, it’s super easy to clean up when you use sugar wax. You only need to rinse off the excess wax with warm temperature water. What’s more, the epilation strip that comes with this product is reusable. And it is made using recycled fiber materials.

3. Wax Strips

Strips offer the easiest and quickest method of hair removal – from anywhere! They make perfect hair-removal options for those who are very busy. Well, who isn’t busy these days?

Beginners will have no hard time using Parissa strips because they are so easy to use. You can also use them for your travels, touch-ups, etc. They would fit easily in your handbag or purse, so you can use them anywhere to achieve smooth skin.

You can use them to wax your brows, upper lip, legs, or bikini. Parissa has got you covered with these perfectly-sized strips. This is what we call quickie waxing! Once you have them, your song will be, “why didn’t I meet you before now?

4. Waxing Pen

This is a precise application pen. The shape of the tip is such that you can smoothly apply the wax on the edges of your face and brows. The application is so easy, mess-free, and simple. It will give you a salon-style wax right in the comfort of your home.

Parissa waxing pen provides expert-grade quality results. You can trust them to get the job done on stubborn and short hair. You can use the pen to accurately shape your brows, as well as to wax your face and upper lip.

5. Warm Wax

This is a vegan-friendly wax. It is a 100% vegan product with neither process sugar nor beeswax. It will effectively remove coarse hair from any body part. More so, you can simply warn the wax in a microwaveable or with the Parissa Warmer.

It provides salon-style, expert-grade wax, especially on stubborn coarse hair. You can use it on your bikini, underarm, upper lip, legs, body, and face.

6. Eyebrow Wax Strip

This strip is fast and simple to use. They are ready-to-go wax strips and are perfect for trips and quick touch-ups. More so, they are small-sized strips. And they give perfect results not only for shaping your brows but also for cleaning them up.

The eye area is very sensitive. So the formula contains only gentle and safe ingredients.

A General Precaution

Before you begin waxing, you should do patch testing first. This is true for all beauty products. This is to test if there are any allergies. How would you carry out the test? Apply a little quantity of wax on your inner elbow. Then, wait for a full day to be sure that there’s no irritation or redness.

Irritation and redness are clear signs of an allergy. If they do not occur, it means you’re not allergic to the wax. And you can go ahead to use it.

We must, however, mention that some redness is waxing. But it often would not last long. At most, it should disappear within 20 mins to 2 hours. But if it persists, it might be an allergy. Anyways, Parissa waxing products hardly cause any allergies since they are 100% vegan and natural. So you have nothing to worry about.

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