What is a Non Surgical Nose Job?

Non-surgical nose job is also referred to as “non-surgical rhinoplasty” or “liquid nose job” and “liquid rhinoplasty”. It is a modern way of correcting nose shape by injecting a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler into the nose.

Non Surgical Nose Job

People have different nose shapes. There are people have a long, bumpy nose, roman nose, flat nose, etc., and admit it, most of us are not happy with what nose shape we do have. We hope that it is a little bit shorter or longer. Then women come with makeup solution to alter the shape of their nose, and we find an amazing job.

However, professionals have found a solution with this nose problem through surgery. But many don’t want the many risks behind the classic surgery to fix ones nose.

In the modern age, experts have introduced a new way to fix the nose shape without doing any surgery, and it is called non-surgical nose job.

What is non-surgical nose job?

It is also referred to as “non-surgical rhinoplasty” or “liquid nose job” and “liquid rhinoplasty”.

The procedure is to simply inject a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler into the nose to tweak its shape temporarily.>

Perhaps you have seen many of the before and after image of the people who undergo non-surgical nose job and amaze at the result of it. You’ve even, perhaps, thought that what they undergo is the classic surgical rhinoplasty, but no, it is what they said it. Non-surgical nose job has the magic that most people who are not satisfied with their nose can experience.

This procedure is not only for people who have a bump on the bridge of their noses, although they are the ideal candidate. The HA filler, once injected, created the illusion of making your nose straight by filling the surrounded area of the nose bump. So it technically adding to the nose but making it looks smaller as well. Brilliant right? In other words, a non-surgical nose job can also help with a crooked nose and those who have a droopy tip. The filler gel can help correct sharp angles as well as lift the droopy nose tip.

The people who are only non-candidate for this procedure are those who have big noses and broken noses. These kinds of patients need to undergo traditional surgery to correct it.

But let’s face it. Anything, surgical and non-surgical, has their risk and benefits including a liquid nose job. Let’s explore what these nose job can offer and determine its safety.

The risk packaged of non-surgical rhinoplasty

One of the few risks of non-surgical nose job is the practitioners that will inject the liquid on a patient’s nose. Many experts are aware that many who inject HA filler into the nose of a patient are not surgeons and they are afraid for the result of malpractice among patients.

A rhinoplasty surgeon by the name of Rod J. Rohrich reported that he has met patients whose sides or tips of the nose are lost because of an injection that was poked wrongly.

Dr. Rohrich reminded patients who want to try liquid rhinoplasty to be well informed to their surgeons. He or she must be well-educated of the human anatomy.

But aside from the risk malpractice, there are real risks in liquid nose job. Dr. Dara Liotta points out that the risk talking about is remote and not high-risk. She speaks of the complication of vascular compromise, which, according to her, happens when the blood flow is hindered by the injected filler through the artery. The filler will either directly enter the artery resulting in obstruction, or compress the artery from the outside, sandwiching the artery that it may cause a blockage for proper blood flow.

However, major complications do exist according to Dr. Rohrich argument, which includes blindness and killing skin nutrients. This occurs when the injected filler blocks the artery which the nose and eyes are connected with. Moreover, the connected artery of the nose is one of the oxygenated blood feeders of the eye’s retina.

With the existent of these risks, Melissa Doft, a surgeon, suggested the safest location to inject HA. She said that it should be away from the artery, which is along the bridge of the nose. Failure in doing this so, say a practitioner injected below the correct level, will result in another critical protection.

Is this non-surgical nose job just temporary?

It’s your choice.

Generally, most of the cosmetic fillers are not permanent, but surgeons have found a way to make your nose lift permanently if you desire to.

Most injections only last for 3 months to 2 years, but Dr. Alexander Rivkin has a different technique if you want it permanent. In the first session, he first injected a temporary filler gel called Voluma which last for one year up to a year and a half. Then once the gel dissolves after this timeframe, he will inject Bellafill to the patient to make the nose job permanent.

How much a non-surgical rhinoplasty cost?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is more expensive than the surgical one.

In the United States, surgical rhinoplasty’s average cost is $5, 046. Meanwhile, a non-surgical nose job will reach more than $6, 000.

Injecting Voluma will cost you $2, 500 a year, while if you choose for the permanent liquid rhinoplasty, Bellafill will cost you $1, 500 per session. The three sessions in injecting Bellafill will total of $4, 500.

But this expenses will surely bring the nose you ever wanted without undergoing nose surgery.

Recovery Time

In a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, non-surgical nose job is 0. It is painless compared with the injection procedure we know including buttocks, lip injection, cheek injection, etc. Additionally, it is a general knowledge that the tip of the nose is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Though ice pack helps to numb the nose area, surgeons use numbing cream during the procedure and patients agree that they felt moderate pain to none. After the liquid rhinoplasty procedure, patients might be a little red or bruised but surgeons have solutions to fix it through the use of lasers.

So people who do want to try non-surgical rhinoplasty can technically go back to work right after the procedure.

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