Top 15 Natural Skin Care Brands That Really Works

Our list of natural skincare brands includes products that are effective for providing benefits like moisturizing, exfoliation, and anti-aging benefits. Learn more here!

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The global skincare market is worth about $135 billion (2018). There are many brands, products, and ingredients to pick from, and it can sometimes seem like a super-tough task to complete. Check out the top 15 natural skincare brands to help you make a good choice.

Today, companies also have different degrees of natural and organic ingredients. For example, the term “all-natural” sounds good, but it’s not a regulated term in the industry and is one to watch out for among dietary supplements and food items as well. Besides natural ingredients, there’s also organic, which means there were no artificial ingredients added to the skin care product. There were also no synthetic chemicals in the fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides used to produce the ingredients. An even better product is certified organic because it meets industry standards set by organizations like the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Key Features of Natural Skincare Brands


These are some of the key features to look for natural skincare brands. There’s a difference between natural, organic, and certified organic ingredients so it’s important to consider the different terms when picking skincare products. For example, a certified organic product will probably be mostly organic while organic ingredients could only have a small percentage of organic ingredients.


Several factors include whether the ingredients are organic and made using sustainable farming practices. Then there’s the issue of “green” packaging like recycled paper and glass bottles. Yet another issue is whether the manufacturer uses eco-friendly practices, like renewable energy.


It involves genetically modified organisms, which are a controversial issue. Some studies show that GMOs are harmless while others show they’re unhealthy. It’s generally better to stay on the safe side and avoid all GMOs, especially when you’re applying skincare products to your skin.


People often refer to vegetarian and vegan as the same thing. However, there’s a difference. A vegetarian product contains no meat, poultry, or fish. Meanwhile, vegan skincare products contain no animal products or byproducts. There’s also the “cruelty-free” label that means no animal testing was done to make the product.

Top 15 Natural Skin Care Brands

1. Juice Beauty

This product offers products that are about three-quarters natural/organic. You can also avoid synthetic ingredients like dyes and parabens, which are more likely to trigger skin allergies. The products are also USDA-certified organic and made using local sourcing.

2. Tata Harper

Here’s another natural/organic skincare brand you should consider. It even uses eco-friendly containers via glass bottles and soy ink for label-printing. Most of the products are also vegan and thus free of all animal products. It’s also made in the USA.

3. Nourish Organic

This product offers all-natural products that are free of toxins, sulfates, and parabens. Besides healthier products, you can also buy them in BPA-free bottles and recycled packaging. The brand is also vegan and works with charities, so it’s socially responsible. 

4. The Love Organics

This brand features products that are organic, all-natural, and GMO-free. Besides that, the ingredients are natural and certified organic, so they meet industry standards for organic ingredients. Love Organics is even an award-winning company.

5. Biossance

This brand produces products that are non-toxic with natural ingredients. Besides that, the ingredients/packaging are both eco-friendly so it’s a plus if those are features you’re looking for. The company’s prices range greatly and are as low as $10.

6. Osea

This company offers natural/organic skincare products. They include organic, all-natural, and non-GMO products. Some studies show that GMOs might cause unwanted side-effects that could cause health issues. OSEA also has 20+ years of industry experience, which is another plus. 

7. True Botanicals

As the name suggests, this brand’s features contain a high amount of plant-based substances. Their offerings include several natural/organic products. You can also avoid all synthetic fragrances, which often cause unwanted side-effects. Their products are also vegan, non-GMO, and made with sustainable processes. 

8. Bioclarity

Here’s another option. The products are all-natural and free of sulfates/parabens/toxins. The company also uses eco-friendly packaging, so it’s “green” and will produce a smaller carbon footprint. The products are also vegan so they contain no animal products/byproducts.

9. 100% Pure 

This product offers vegan, all-natural, and paraben/sulfate-free products. These are some of the top key features of natural skincare products. It produces various natural skin-care products at a wide range of prices. Another plus is the products are USDA-certified organic.

10. Alaffia

This brand is made using organic/wild-crafted ingredients. This helps to prevent side-effects when applying to skin. Besides the ingredients, the packaging is also eco-friendly for a smaller carbon footprint. Another plus that makes the brand “green” is small batches of hand-made products.

11. Noto Botanics

Here’s another natural/organic skincare brand to consider. The company uses natural/organic ingredients and practices sustainable manufacturing processes. Even the packaging includes sand-based glass bottles instead of oil-based plastic bottles. Its products are also free of animal products so vegan-friendly.

12. Intelligent Nutrients

Not all of this company’s products are organic but most of them are. So if you want to avoid synthetic ingredients and chemicals then it’s a good option. The company even uses renewable energy to produce its products. Besides that, the company’s products are vegan with no animal testing.

13. Herbivore Botanicals

As the name suggests this company’s products are plant-based. Besides that, they’re also natural, non-toxic, and sulfate/paraben-free. These ingredients are often added to skincare products but are likely to cause unwanted side-effects. The company even makes small batches for a smaller carbon footprint.

14. Eminence

What’s the deal with this company? It offers natural/organic ingredients so they’re more skin-friendly than those added to other companies’ products. They’re also paraben-free so it’s another way they’re skin-friendly. Besides that, the company uses renewable energy including solar and wind energy, which reduces the carbon footprint.

15. Ursa Major

A big difference with this company versus many others is it uses recycled packing. You can even recycle the packaging again to reduce waste. Another plus of the brand is it’s vegan so it contains no animal products. Besides that, the products are all-natural and contain no artificial ingredients to make the natural skincare brands list.

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