Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Moisturizer, Coconut

Mountain ocean skin trip moisturizer is based on a strict coconut formula. This moisturizer may just be what your skin needs to get rejuvenated and alive once again.

A bottle of mountain ocean skin trip lotion

Mountain ocean skin trip is a coconut-based moisturizer. It has a smooth feel and is light on the skin. This moisturizer can very well be labeled unique among the others. It is non-greasy, absorbs extremely fast, protects, quickly replenishes skin moisture, and soothes the skin. It is blended with aloe vera, distilled lanolin and coconut oil. Skin Trip’s formula supplies the skin with the needed nutrients and also reduces natural moisture evaporation effectively. It is PH balanced and perfect for use after shower, sun, and shaving. We are aware that there are several other moisturizers with almost the same benefits so what makes this particular one unique? Maybe not necessarily unique but effective. The point of using products is for the effectiveness it brings so read on as we review this moisturizer. 

Karen Benjamin is the brain behind Skin Trip. He created it in the dry hot climate of Colorado where the sun is up to ninety percent of the year with a high mile altitude. This weather condition increases the tendency of the skin suffering from sun exposure, windburn, and dryness. This lotion was formulated with children, men, women, sports enthusiasts, and old people in mind. Anyone who needs an effective and natural daily moisturizer can use it. Since 1971, Mountain Skin Trip has won several people over whom have all benefited from the benefits it provides. The ingredients used in making it are not only safe but also biodegradable and cruelty-free. This brand has a signature fragrance gotten from coconut perfume oil. It is paraben and phthalates free hence reducing or preventing allergy occurrence.

Is It Safe To Use?

Here are the lists of the ingredients used in the formulation of this moisturizer:  

  • Purified water: Not your regular water but rather a deionized one. This water is boiled to avoid any microbial contamination. 
  • Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera): This is a white, highly saturated semisolid fat from coconut kernels. This ingredient is commonly used in manufacturing shampoos and baby soaps. It lathers easily and is a good cleanser. Coconut oil is often mixed with other oils or fat.
  • Leaf juice of aloe barbedensis – Here is a plant that serves as a first-aid plant gotten from an aloe leaf. Aloe possesses some softening effects in lotions.
  • Oil from hybrid safflower – A unique cosmetic safflower oil that is known to protect and nourish the skin. It also has emollient properties. 
  • Sorbitol – Sorbitol is gotten from fruit and it works to stabilize the lotion. It also gives the lotion a lubricious feel. 
  • Cetearyl alcohol – This alcohol is synthesized from the oil of coconut fruit. It is a waxy like an alcohol fatty substance that helps in emulsifying oil. 
  • Emulsifying wax – Extracted from the oil of coconut oil, this high fatty wax of alcohol provides firmness and pearliness. 
  • Stearic acid – An ingredient with harsh effects that are commonly linked with acids. It belongs to an emulsifying system that affects the final product’s consistency significantly. It is a natural waxy fatty acid gotten from vegetables. 
  • Lanolin alcohol – Lanolin is gotten from sheep’s wool and is regarded as a genuine moisturizer. It works as an emollient and is good for softening and smoothing the skin. This brand distills its lanolin to remove any impurity that can cause allergy. 
  • Dimethicone – A derivative of silicon that plays a part in repelling water and leaving a smooth soft feel to the skin without it being oily or sticky. 
  • Linoleamidopropyl PG-Dimonium –  This natural triglyceride is gotten from the oil of safflower. It is a sustainable ingredient that contains high linoleic acid levels, so there will be even distribution of essential fatty acid to the skin, giving it lasting conditioning and repairing damaged skin. 
  • Phenoxyethanol – It is synthetically produced preservative that occurs at low levels naturally in your green tea. 
  • Behentrimonium methosulfate – This is a conditioning agent for the skin and an emulsifier gotten from behenic acid, which is usually found in the oil of mustard seed and canola oil. 
  • Cetrimonium chloride – Here is an organic preservative and emulsifier that protects your skin when it loses its water-soluble formulations.
  • Caprylic glycol – It is a humectant that helps in attracting skin moisture. It is derived from palm and coconut oil. 
  • Fragrance – A coconut scent fragrance, that is gotten from essential coconut perfume oil. It is blended alongside other fragrances to get a unique branded fragrance. It contains no parabens or phthalates, and people get allergic.

All these ingredients are combined to give you Mountain Ocean Skin Trip moisturizer as you know it. 


Just like most other lotions, you can use the mountain Ocean skin trip at any time. Some prefer to apply it during the night or day time.

What Are The Side Effects, if any?

There are possibilities of side effects resulting from the use of this particular moisturizer, especially for those with sensitive skin who may experience irritation, itchiness, skin reddening, or other allergic reactions. 

If you are not sure how your skin will react to this or if it is your first time using it, it is best to do a parchment test with it. What does this mean? It means applying a tiny amount of this lotion on a small area of the skin to see how it reacts. If there are no strange reactions, then you can mark it safe and proceed full use, but if along the line, you begin noticing some changes discontinue use and see a dermatologist. 

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of this moisturizer include enhancing skin moisture, protecting, and nourishing the skin. It also repairs damaged skin and acts as an emulsifier.

It will also condition your skin and assist in supplying the needful fatty acid. The emulsifying wax in it aids in making the skin firm.


Mountain Ocean Skin Trip is sold at $29. This brand is distinguished from others by its uniquely mixed coconut fragrance. Also, the fact that it is cruelty-free is a bonus, not to mention that it is free of both phthalates and parabens.

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Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

This is THE BEST moisturizer! I have OCD and can’t stand the …

This is THE BEST moisturizer! I have OCD and can’t stand the way other moisturizers feel on my skin. I’ve tried hundreds. They say they absorb quickly, but they don’t. They say they aren’t greasy, but they are. This moisturizer absorbs quickly and is in no way greasy. Your skin is soft and smooth right after application. And the coconut smell is AMAZING but not lingering. Itchy winter skin makes me crazy and this has cured it completely. Fabulous stuff!

The best moisturizer I’ve found

While scanning the shelves at Whole Foods in search of a moisturizer with a short ingredient list, I found Mountain Ocean Skin Trip. It soaks in fast, smells pleasant but not overwhelming, and it’s not greasy, which is huge. I like the way my skin feels after I apply it. I am a dog groomer and the concentrated shampoos we wash dogs with dries out my hands awfully. Other lotions seem to sit on the surface of my skin without soaking in and my hands feel greasy but still dry. After a few uses of Skin Trip, my hands are softer and my cuticles start to heal. I put a few drops of essential oil in the palm of my hand when applying, and use Skin Trip as a carrier lotion. The 3-pack is a great deal. HIGHLY recommend!

Look no Further for the BEST Skin Lotion!

I have been using Mountain Ocean Skin Trip off and on since the early 1980s. It is hard to find at times, so I will occasionally substitute other products, but nothing compares. It is remarkably effective against dry skin…no matter where you find it…anywhere on your body…including rough chapped hands. The smell is so incredibly clean…not a sweet synthetic coconut smell. The texture is light and will sink into your skin and leave it so smooth. I have found it excellent for my sensitive and eczema-prone skin. I wish there were 10 stars to give this product…I always worry that I won’t be able to find it…bought 3 bottles from Amazon and I am extremely pleased.

Soaks in QUICK

I love this lotion. I have been using this since before they offered it on Amazon and you had to buy it at whole foods. The consistency is pretty liquid but soaks in immediately. My skin feels super soft all day. I have moderate to very dry skin. I also worship the sun.

The smell is a true natural coconut, not that sugar sweet crap that lasts all day you could choke a person down the hall in another room around the corner. It’s light and dissipates so you don’t smell like it all day.

K Krempasky
Very moisturising

This lotion is very moisturizing and made of natural ingredients. But it does have a strong scent. Sort of a coconut vanilla smell. So don’t wear it if you want to wear your favorite perfume.

5 negative reviews

Shyla Smith
Way too thin

I did not find this to be moisturizing for me. It is very thin and watery. I gave it away.

Connie Liu
Strange smelling, possible bad batch

Great texture, but smelled really off after it dried on the skin as it had expired

Not for me!

I had high hopes for Mountain Ocean Skin Trip lotion. It feels ok (I bought a 3-pack), but it smells very stale. I was hoping for the wonderful coconut scent the reviewers raved about. I will use it up, but won’t reorder. 🙁

J. Weeks
Couldn’t try it long enough to know if it does a good job moisturizing

The fragrance is way too strong for me! Couldn’t try it long enough to know if it does a good job moisturizing.


Hated the smell. Chemical smell, not at all as advertised. sdasfd

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