Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste is a natural toothpaste. It’s free of fluoride, SLS, and gluten. It also includes a natural spearmint flavor. This is a 2-pack bundle for better value. Learn more here!

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste includes natural ingredients like calcium, algae, and whiteners to help clean teeth effectively. You also get a fresh taste from spearmint and parsley. The Jason toothpaste is also free of fluoride, SLS, and gluten so you won’t have to worry about those substances.

Is It Safe To Use?

The ingredients include:

  • Calcium
  • Algae
  • Whiteners
  • Spearmint
  • Parsley 

These are natural ingredients that can help to clean your teeth effectively. For example, the calcium, algae, and whiteners can help to clean your teeth effectively. You also get parsley and spearmint for fresh breath. 


It’s generally recommended that people brush their teeth 2x to 3x daily. This could be in the morning and evening, for example. You could also brush your teeth after lunch.  

Recommended Number Of Use

There are some issues to consider. They include whether you eat mostly healthy food. If you do then brushing your teeth 2x daily and drinking water will be enough to keep your teeth clean. However, if you eat more junk/fast food you should consider brushing your teeth 3x daily.

How Long Does It Take To See The Benefits?

You can start getting benefits from the toothpaste as soon as you start using it. It might take some time to get used to since it doesn’t contain fluoride and SLS. However, when the toothpaste contacts your teeth it can start cleaning them immediately. It’s also important to use toothpaste as redirected to get the best results. 

It’s generally recommended that people brush their teeth two or three times daily. If you over-brush your teeth it can cause various problems like wearing down fluoride. That’s certainly a situation you’ll want to avoid. Since this product doesn’t have fluoride it might be better to brush your teeth 3x daily to make sure they’re as clean as possible.

What Are The Side Effects, If Any?

Some customers reported that the product didn’t clean well. This could be due to it not having any fluoride or detergents. On one hand, long-term fluoride use has been linked to issues like bone/joint damage.

On the other hand, fluoride/detergents are key ingredients that can help to make the toothpaste more effective. So you might want to go with toothpaste that contains these ingredients if you want a more effective toothpaste in terms of tooth-cleaning.

Some customers reported they experienced negative issues like the product didn’t work well or didn’t like the taste. However, most customers have had a positive experience and had a positive experience. It’s received an average of 4.5/5 stars from about 50 reviews. This shows that most people were pleased about the product in terms of taste, effectiveness, and safety. This increases the chance you’ll also have a positive experience.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Brand: JASON has been on the market for 60+ years. This provides lots of industry experience and makes it a plus over startup companies on the market, for example. The company has over 6 decades of experience producing natural personal care products.
  2. Ingredients: You get lots of natural ingredients like algae, calcium, whiteners, spearmint, and parsley. These are all-natural ingredients that don’t include artificial ingredients. So you can avoid the possible side-effects from synthetic ingredients. You’ll certainly want to do that when brushing teeth.
  3. Fresh Taste: You get a fresh taste from the parsley and spearmint. These are natural herbs so they’re healthier versus artificial flavors. You’ll want to avoid those ingredients since they could cause unwanted side-effects. Besides that, they can cause a medicine-like flavor instead of natural flavor. 
  4. Fluoride-free: This substance can certainly be effective for cleaning teeth. However, another issue is it can cause unwanted side-effects over time including bone/joint damage. You’ll certainly want to avoid such side-effects of long-term fluoride use. 
  5. Value: You get a 2-pack bundle with this product so you can save money. This is a plus over 1-unit products. The price is relatively high at about $14 for a 2-pack bundle. However, you can save money since you’re getting two units instead of one. 
  6. SLS-free: Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) is a cheap detergent that’s often added to toothpaste. It can be effective in cleaning teeth yet if you’re looking for a strictly natural product it’s an ingredient you should try to avoid since it might cause unwanted side-effects. 


The price is about $14. That works out to $7 each for a 2-pack bundle. It’s a relatively high price for toothpaste. However, it’s worth noting you’re getting a natural product without fluoride SLS. If you want to avoid such ingredients then the higher price might be worthwhile. 

Another plus is you’re also getting a 2-pack bundle. If you bought the two units separately the price would be higher. That can cause hassles if you’re trying to get the best deal possible. In that case, then the 2-pack bundle is a good option.  

Company Information

1. Company Address, Phone Number, and website

2. Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

The product is covered by Amazon’s in-house warranty. 

Customer Reviews 

  1. 5 positive reviews
  •  Natural product
  • No fluoride/SLS
  • Natural spearmint 
  • 2-pack bundle
  • No gluten 
  1. 5 negative reviews
  • High price tag
  • Some people might not like the taste 
  • Might not clean effectively
  • No fluoride could cause tooth decay
  • Shipping – 1 item shipped

Where to buy

Jason was founded in 1959 so it’s been on the market for 60+ years. This makes it easier to find at supermarkets, drug stores, health stores, etc. Make sure to call a store to check if they carry JASON products.

You can also find the product online. That includes the JASON homepage and online retailers like Amazon. This can save time and effort since you can shop online using your PC/Mac/mobile device. It provides more convenience versus shopping at physical stores.

A. Include a link to the product page: https://www.amazon.com/Jason-Fresh-Toothpaste-Spearmint-Ounce/dp/B06XCPGLJS

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