Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulb: Replacement Guide And How To Make Them Last Longer

Himalayan salt lamp bulbs are required for the lamps made with the pink rock salt. It’s important to know how to find the best bulbs and how to make them longer-lasting for more value.

Himalayan salt lamp

Have you bought a Himalayan salt lamp? This pink rock salt has been trending in recent years and is believed to provide various health benefits due to the high mineral content. Fun Fact: Himalayan salt is high in various minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. In recent years this rock salt has been trending. It’s believed it can provide several health benefits versus regular table salt. It’s been a debated issue. However, it’s possible due to the salt’s high mineral content, even though most of the salt contains the same chemicals as table salt. You’ll also need Himalayan salt lamp bulbs for your natural lamp.

There are steps to take to get the best usage from the bulbs. They include steps like keeping the lamp stationary to make the lamps last longer. Today many consumers are looking for natural energy sources like Himalayan salt lamps. When using such lamps it’s important to pick the right items to get the most efficiency from the units. That includes the bulbs, which are a critical component to operate the lamps. The lamps can last quite a long time. However, you’ll have to replace the bulb from time to time. So it’s important to know the basics about purchasing the bulb.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Before talking about the bulbs it’s important to talk about the lamp itself. AS the name suggests the lamp is made of pieces of pink salt known as Himalayan salt. It’s a large block of salt that can be used for several functions including cooking.

The lamp is made by carving out the middle. Then a heat source of light bulb is placed in the middle. What’s the difference with this salt? It contains salt rock crystals that are from central Asia’s Himalayan Mountains. The salt is mostly from a particular salt mine located in India’s neighbor Pakistan.

The salt is pink due to the high amount of minerals it contains. It’s just 2% of the salt but it’s the main difference between the pink salt and regular white salt that’s used as table salt.

In recent years Himalayan salt and salt lamps have been trending. It’s been trending in various décor magazines and spas. They’ve become quite popular including for home use.

These lamps reportedly work by releasing (negative) ions up into the air. This is a process that’s known as ionization. The negative ions are released into the air through water molecules including rain, waterfalls, and waves. There are also artificial methods for making negative ions.

There’s a big debate about the health benefits of pink Himalayan salt and lamps made from them. One of the big issues is the number of negative ions they can make. It’s believed they possibly can’t make enough ions, which would impact how effective they are.

More research is needed. There hasn’t been any solid evidence that the salt lamps can provide major health benefits. However, one of the key benefits is that they’re made from natural/organic materials. This is a plus if you’re looking for a “green” light source.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs: Tips for Buying/Using

1. Prevent vibrations around the lamp

This is something you should try to do anyway. However, it’s especially critical when using salt lamps. That’s because they’re more fragile. If they get moved around it might affect the bulbs or the lamp itself.

Make sure to avoid vibrations around the lamps. This can have the same effects as actually moving the lamps, which can cause the bulbs to break. The more you move the lamp the greater the chance the bulb/globe will break.

2. Start with a quality lamp

Besides the bulb itself, it’s important to make sure you’re buying high-quality Himalayan salt lamps. This will help to prevent possible issues with the bulb or lamp itself. Make sure you’re buying genuine Himalayan salt. There are various fake products on the market you’ll want to avoid.

3. Find a good source of bulbs/accessories

After buying a pink salt lamp make sure to find a good supplier of bulbs/accessories. This will make it easier to buy replacement bulbs and other items for your lamps. You’ll want to find globes that are specifically designed for salt lamps.

There are various physical and online stores where you can buy these items. Make sure to find a good source so you can find good products at low prices.

4. Don’t move the lamp

This might be a surprising way to extend the lifespan of the bulbs. Make sure to put the lamp in a place where it won’t get knocked around. The reason is globes that are filament-style can be broken easily if they’re knocked around.

Make sure to keep the lamp as stationary as possible. If the lamp gets bumped/knocked then it will probably pop. Other factors include high humidity. So it’s a good idea to reduce the humidity level anywhere you install the lamps.

Top Benefits of Himalayan Salt

1. Help with asthma/allergies

If you have either of these conditions then you should consider Himalayan salt lamps. That’s because they can help with issues like:

  • Mold
  • Dander
  • Mildew
  • Dust

The lamps work like a saline spray used to clear the nose’s airways. The salt can also help to relieve various allergy symptoms. Meanwhile, those with asthma can also benefit.

2. Cleanse and deodorize the air

The salt lamps can help with these issues. The salt lamps can help through a method that attracts/absorbs dirty water molecules from the nearby environment. It helps to lock them into salt crystals.

This helps to remove germs in the air from dust, smoke, etc. This can help to clean the air in your home, office, etc. and make it easier to breathe.

4. Common cold symptoms

The salt lamps might also help with symptoms of the common cold. They include ones like sore throat, sneezing, coughing, etc. This is through filtering more air around cold sufferers.

3. Better breathing

We have thin hairs in our windpipe that help to filter out dirt and germs. However, studies show that positive ions decrease the activity of these tiny hairs. Meanwhile negative ions like in salt lamps can help to boost them.

This can have a positive effect on breathing. The lamps can help keep the hairs clear while also improving general lung function.

4. Balance “electromagnetic” radiation

This sounds like something Dr. Science would talk about, so what’s it all about? Modern appliances are constantly releasing positive ions up into the air. Both appliances/electronics can cause too much electromagnetic (EM) radiation.

Even though it’s not visible, it might cause various long-term effects that you’ll want to avoid. It might cause symptoms like stress, fatigue, and a weak immune system. Himalayan salt lamps give off negative ions that counter positive ions. Neutralizing FM radiation can help to clean air using Himalayan salt lamp bulbs.

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