Herb-Pharm: A Trusted Source Of Herbal Extracts

Herb-Pharm offers a wide range of liquid herbal products. They provide various benefits like vitamins/minerals and cleansing/detoxifying. The company is 40+ years old. Learn more here!


Are you looking for a more convenient way to consume herbal supplements? If so then Herb-Pharm is one option to consider since it offers a wide range of liquid herbal products. Herbs are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, and so on. You can even pick products that provide certain benefits like detox, skin, and liver. These are some of the many benefits you can get from liquid herbs. Today many consumers are looking for natural/organic products for health benefits like immune system boosts.  Herbs are one of the best options since they’re 100% natural. The key is to go with limited ingredient products that just include one herb or herbal blend.

Herb-Pharm has been on the market for over four decades since 1979. This provides it with valuable industry know-how and experience over other companies on the market. This is important since many companies are jumping on the bandwagon by offering herbal supplements. It’s better to go with a well-established company in terms of product quality, customer service, and so on. Besides that, the company also provides a wide selection of offerings including different herbs, blends, and functions. For example, there’s a different blend for liver health and another one for body detox.

What Exactly Are Liquid Herbs?

These are also known as “tinctures” and “liquid extracts.” Traditionally they’re produced by blending various plant materials with some water/alcohol. The amount of liquid added affects factors like the liquid’s concentration and effectiveness.

There are other times the term “tincture” refers to other non-alcoholic blends that include other liquids like vinegar or vegetable glycerin. However, in most cases, the term refers to herbal blends that contain alcohol.

In most cases, the products are taken orally and the bloodstream absorbs them immediately. This requires little energy from the digestive breakdown/absorb the herbal content. This takes less time than other oral products like tablets and capsules, which require more time for the body to break down.

There are various benefits of tinctures including this one since it’s very easy for the body to absorb. It’s like other liquid supplements/medicines that are also easily absorbed by the body.

Besides being consumed as a liquid the medicines can also be added to different forms. They include creams, lotions, syrups, and salves. This allows people to get various benefits from the liquid herbs besides consuming the liquid herbs directly.

The tinctures are high in various nutrients including vitamins and minerals. These are required for good health and can also be used to treat/prevent various health issues. This explains why you can find herb-pharm products that are formulated for different functions like liver health.

Various studies show that liquid herbs can be used to boost organ systems. This includes various functions/conditions like:

  • Lowering inflammation
  • Removing wastes/toxins
  • Regulating salt
  • Improving hormone function
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving digestion
  • Minimizing disease

These are some of the many possible benefits you can get from liquid herbs. More research is needed about many of the claimed benefits of liquid herbs. However, there’s some proof that such products can definitely help to provide various health benefits.

What Is Herb-Pharm All About?

Herb-Pharm was founded in 1979 so it’s been on the market for 40+ years. This provides lots of industry experience over other companies like startups. When picking any dietary supplement company it’s important to go with one with a good amount of experience. This will help to provide a better overall experience.

The co-founders launched the company to create liquid herbal products that are safe/effective. They also wanted their products to be eco-friendly, which provides other benefits in terms of being eco-friendly. The company wanted to make the community/environment stronger.

Since its founding, the company has continued to maintain its original mission. It now produces a wide range of liquid herbs. This allows you to select from blends that provide benefits for liver health, body detox, and others.

The founders met during the 1970s at a naturopathic college. They then launched their naturopathic college that was founded on the couple’s values. However, they soon discovered that instead of just educating people about herbs they wanted to work with plants.

The company’s goal is to produce high-quality herbal extracts. Their overall goal is to inspire people to love plants and respect nature. The ultimate goal is to boost the health and happiness of people on Earth.

One of the reasons the founders launched the company is they were unable to find herbal supplements that are pure/simple. For example, the capsules on the market the products they found didn’t seem to have the natural features they thought herbal supplements should have.

They found literature about how to make herbal extracts. They used some books so they could learn more about how to make natural herbal supplements. Some of their best sources were books that dated back to the 180s. However, they learned about ways to prepare herbs in “new” ways.

While the company was founded in 1979 the founders were already harvesting herbs and extracting liquids in a lab connected to their home. The company grew in popularity during the next decade.

Popular Herb-Pharm Products


Liver disease is a severe health condition that’s becoming more common today due to factors like unhealthy diet, alcohol/smoking, and prescription meds. The good news is there are herbal remedies that can help to boost liver health. They also might help to relieve some symptoms related to liver conditions.


The problem with many traditional detox methods is they contain strong chemicals that can be tough on the digestive system. There are several liquid herbs available that can help to do a natural body detox. They lack the strong chemicals found in prescription meds that can cause unwanted side-effects.


You can boost energy naturally without white sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. In fact, several herbs have energy-boosting properties that can help you achieve that goal.


Today many people deal with anxiety/depression. The problem with prescription medicines is they contain powerful synthetic ingredients that can trigger unwanted side-effects. It’s better to go with natural ingredients like herbs, which can help to reduce anxiety naturally.


If you want to boost skin health there are natural substances that can help including vitamins/minerals found in natural herbs.


These are herbs that are known to help the body reduce stress naturally. The hustle and bustle of today’s world have caused modern life to be very stressful. The good news is studies show various plants like lavender can help people to naturally reduce stressors and stay calm. This is critical so that people can continue with their day-to-day lives more effectively with liquid herbs from herb-pharm.

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