Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

Green tea is popular due to its health benefits. But you might be worried that there is caffeine on green tea. Is this a cause for concern? Find out here.

Does Green Tea have Caffeine

Green tea is very popular today around the world due to its benefits. It is actually among the healthiest beverages. Tea is rich in antioxidants, which is very helpful in maintaining youth and vigor.

Drinking tea can make us feel refreshed and relieved. But sometimes, you might think, “Does green tea have caffeine?” We’re sure you’ve heard about it somewhere. Moreover, we know that too much caffeine in our body is not good. Eliminating some drinks that have caffeine is even necessary to stay fit and healthy.

Many believe that green tea does not have any caffeine. But it does contain caffeine, although the amount varies, depending on the type of green tea. Don’t worry just yet, though. You can still enjoy your tea time with friends because there are ways to reduce the caffeine on green tea.

Reducing Caffeine from Green Tea

  • Avoid drinking green tea that has a shade of brown. This type contains higher caffeine. Matcha and Gyokuro tea are examples of green tea that has a shade of brown tea.
  • Consume twig teas. They have a lower amount of caffeine. Kukicha and Houicha are examples of twig teas.
  • Powdered green tea is a no. Do not drink green tea that is already powdered. Powdered green tea contains more caffeine than non-powdered green tea.
  • Use whole leaf green tea instead of tea bags. Tea in bags usually contains higher caffeine content.
  • Brew green tea correctly. Too much boiling of green tea can make the caffeine contain higher
  • Use green tea blends to equalize the caffeine content of green tea.
  • Buy green tea made by older leaves. Older leaves of green tea have less caffeine content while younger leaves contain higher caffeine amount.

Types of Green Tea

Pure Major Green Tea

  1. Sencha: Sencha green tea has a light color green and even when it’s brewed. Sencha is stronger and has a bitter taste than other variety of green tea. Sencha has more caffeine content than other green tea.
  1. Gyokurocha: Gyokurocha green tea has the best taste and fragrance among other green tea. Gyokurocha also has higher benefits than other green tea.
  1. Matcha: Matcha green tea is also called dust because it’s the leftover of the green tea. It has a beautiful color green than other green tea but has less fragrance than other variety of green tea. Matcha is very popular in traditional ceremonies among other variety of green tea because it’s not as bitter as sencha green tea.
  1. Bancha: Bancha green tea is made from tender twigs kind of tea and it has a strong and bitter taste. Bancha green tea has a color of golden brown when it’s brewed. Bancha is also cheaper than other variety of green tea.

None Pure Green Tea

  1. Houjicha: Is a type of green tea that is not pure and absolute green tea. It is a combination of powdered green tea and barley, wheat and rice.
  1. Genmaicha: A green tea that has a mixture of roasted brown rice. It has a pleasant taste and scent .

Green Tea Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Do not drink green tea with an empty stomach. Drink green tea after a meal. Drinking green tea with a full stomach is beneficial to our bodies but drinking green tea with an empty stomach will cause the release of stomach acid.
  1. Do not drink green tea at the morning and before going to sleep. Green tea is not like milk that you can drink before you sleep. Drinking tea will make you awake and keep your brain alert and the best time to drink green tea is during between meals like 10 am in the morning or 3 pm in the afternoon.
  1. Pregnant women should drink green tea in moderation. Since most of the green tea contain caffeine like coffee pregnant women should avoid too much drinking of green tea. According to some research drinking green tea more than 200 grams a day will be risky to pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage.
  1. Wash your mouth after drinking green tea. When you consume green tea for a longer time it can decolorize your teeth though it will help your bones and teeth stronger. Green tea is a dark colored drink that’s why it can affect the color of your teeth in the long term.
  1. There is a decaffeinated green tea. Yes, decaffeinated green tea does exist. T o avoid too much caffeine intake but you love green tea decaffeinated green tea is for you.

Risk and Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea

  • It will fight diabetes: Green tea helps the glucose in our body to slowing the rise blood sugar after you eat.
  • Heart problem: According to the experts green tea will help the lining of the blood pressure. And they also believe that green tea can help to protect the heart to form blood clots in the heart.
  • Cholesterol: Green tea can reduce unwanted cholesterol in the body.
  • Tooth decay: Little we know green tea can make our bones and teeth stronger and it will help our tooth decay too.
  • Alzheimer disease: Though Alzheimer disease is not curable but experts do believe that green tea can make slow the progress of Alzheimer.

Risk of Drinking Green Tea

  • Caffeine: Since green tea has a caffeine its risky to drink a lot of green tea every day
  • Green tea can cause insomnia
  • Too much consumption of green tea can cause abnormal heartbeat
  • Acute constipation
  • Too much drinking of green tea can cause hypertension

Facts About Green Tea

  • Green tea has caffeine but the amount of caffeine will vary from the type of green tea.
  • Green tea is better than coffee but you cannot switch easily to green tea to coffee.
  • Green tea can aid losing weight but too much drinking of green tea will make the effect opposite.
  • Green tea can delay aging because of its antioxidant property.
  • Green tea can boost our immunity. Some research shows that drinking green tea can keep you away from bacteria and viral infections.
  • Green tea can prevent cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Because of the polyphenols that can be found in green tea, it can be a preventive measure in fighting cancers.
  • Green tea can reduce cholesterol in the body. Because of the alkalinity of green tea, it can reduce cholesterol in our body and will keep us healthy and fit.
  • Green tea can decrease absorption of iron and folic acid.

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