7 Ways to Help You Get Rid of Hives Quickly

Hives is an allergy that can be treated with these 7 ways and help you get rid of it quickly.

Hives remedy

Summer is coming and people are already busy plotting their vacation leaves now the challenge of figuring out where to go next ticks into your mind. What beach are you going to choose? You were able to figure out what place this be, communicated with some friends who are going and who is not, and already reserved a plane ticket for you and your buddies. Fast forward to the day of your much-awaited summer vacation, you went out on Friday night with some friends before an early flight the next day you drink with your homies and enjoyed the night. Upon reaching home you noticed you have red rashes on your skin on the chest part and it’s like maps that are itchy. Now the dilemma sets in you are going to the beach tomorrow everything is set and you have this itchy skin rash on your body. Fortunately, you have a dermatologist friend and you talked with her over the phone and she told you it’s hives. Now you asked her what are the fastest and easiest hives remedy to do in this situation. Thus, Hives is an allergy that can be treated with these 7 ways and help you get rid of it quickly.

What is a Hives?

This is a skin outbreak condition, an allergy, which is color red and bumpy, or plaque, that is seen suddenly on the skin. They are usually itchy and in some cases, they have this feeling of skin burn or sometimes stings. Hives can be identified as to have a variety of sizes from small to large and may connect to form an even bigger size of welts. Anyone can get this condition as people can get this through food, medicines, animals particularly insect bites or sting, chemicals, allergy shots, stress, skin scratching, and many more.

Hives is known for its medical term as Urticaria and there are two main types of this:

Acute Urticaria

This is the hives skin condition that can last for six weeks or less that is typically acquired from food, insect bites, medications, and infections. The usual cases for hives to arise are by food where our skin reacts to fish, eggs, and milk to name a few. It is believed that fresh foods cause more risk of getting hives than cooked foods, and some preservative can also escalate hives.

Chronic Urticaria

This hives skin condition is more advanced and is hard to identify the cause for having urticaria. It takes more than six months of continuous pain and treatment are done. Probable cause for chronic hives could be any kind of infection, hepatitis, thyroid disease, and cancer that can affect internal organs like the lungs, throat, muscles, and GI tract.


This is a type of hives that when you scratch the skin hives can form immediately.

Physical Urticaria

This kind of hives is a direct physical stimulation that causes irritation within the day or a few hours. This could be acquired through sun exposure, sweat, cold, heat, the environment, and many more.

Symptoms That You Have Hives

Spotting if you have hives is very evident as they are usually visible, unlike the Angioedema which happens underneath the skin or inside the body that typically is longer than hives and is life-threatening as they can block airways that may result into the difficulty of breathing, areas affected are lungs, throat, and tongue. On the other hand, here are the visible symptoms for hives:

  • Red or Pink Swellings: These are the red spots that you can see on your skin they can be bumpy or plaquey when touched.
  • Skin Swelling: This is when the skin can subside for a couple of hours the will appear again in a different part of the body.
  • Welts: These are a combination of large and small spots that can be alone or can form a group to make a whole.
  • Itchy: The feeling that you experience on the hives part or affected area. In some cases, the feeling could be different like the skin is in burn or sting.

Hives Remedy

Having these allergic reactions is frustrating and definitely causes stress, so treating them immediately is the key to make it go away. So in case you experience this situation here are the 7 ways to help you get rid of hives quickly:

1. Avoid products that may cause skin irritation

Our skin is very sensitive as the use of soaps and other products may dry out our skin and make it feel more itchy. By avoiding them we are saving ourselves from the stress that skin irritation will cause us.

2. Cold compress as a solution

The use of something cold and applying it to the skin makes the irritation go away for a certain time until the feeling of irritation or swelling is already out. This could be repeatable many times within the day.

3. Buying the right treatment products

These products must have or must be in line with your body, as they are also categorized from light to more level. In this way applying these products can immediately address the swelling and itchy feeling of hives.

4. Using aloe vera

This is a plant-based item that is very well known for its healing properties. Using this product is important so make sure to follow instructions. Also, before using this there must be a test before this will be applied to the affected area of the hives. It there is no irritation within the day, while tested it in the unaffected skin then it is safe to use in applying to the hives affected part.

5. Use Benadryl

This can decrease the number of rash and other symptoms. Make sure that following the instructions must be precise for faster recovery as the effectivity of this product works within an hour and may see results within the day.

6. Using other products like cetirizine and Claritin

Applying these antihistamines in the affected area will positive effects that will be seen within the day. It is important to follow instruction in using these products especially the dosage and how often the medicine will be applied.

7. See a doctor

If you’re not confident enough and doesn’t know what to do it is wise to ask for help. Immediately making an appointment to the doctor will give you the precise details, assessed your body and condition, and they will provide you with the steps on how to do the treatment for hives.

Don’t treat hives as less serious, instead make an action plan immediately so that when this comes back you know what to do. And by consulting a medical professional you are saving the hassle, the stress, and the money for medicines and other future medical appointments. Therefore, hives is an allergy that can be treated with these 7 ways and help you get rid of it quickly.

Hives remedy

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