Cloud Cream: How Does It Benefit The Skin?

There are many types of skincare products on the market including cloud cream. This is a light-textured moisturizer that feels soft and hydrating when applied to skin. Learn more here!

Cloud cream

Are you looking for a new moisturizer? You’ll have lots of options since the skincare market is worth about $135 billion (2018). This figure includes many different products, like those for the face and body, as well as cream, moisturizers, and ointments. Even among different types of moisturizers, there’s a wide range of different options, including cloud cream that is so light, it’s like adding air to your skin. This allows you to hydrate skin without feeling like you’re caking on skincare products to your skin. The terms “cloud” and ‘cream” might even seem to be an odd combination since we usually don’t think of creams as being light and airy.

There are different varieties of cloud-style creams on the market. There are different formulas, but you can also find several similarities between the different products. They include being water-based. However, you can find different variants like 4-in-1 that offer several functions like cleansing, hydrating, and soothing skin. This provides several skin-friendly benefits in one product. However, even with all these features, the main one is the product’s light texture. This makes the product ideal during the day when you don’t want to experience a heavy cream as you go about your day-to-day life.  

What Are Cloud Creams?

This is the first main question to take up. As the name suggests the main feature of this kind of skincare cream is it has a cloud-like puffy texture that provides an airy texture and adds moisture/nutrients to the skin. This will help you feel comfier during the day.

In general, creams are heavier than lotions since they have more oil than oil, which is a major difference compared to lotions. So it’s interesting that this product is named after the cottony objects floating around in the skin. So it’s important to know what it’s all about.

In fact, cloud skincare products are available in different forms like creams and serums. The key feature of these products is they seem to disappear as you add them to your skin. This provides a layer of moisture and smooth texture.

This is the main feature of these products. They provide many of the same features of standard creams. However, the big difference is the texture that seems to be lighter than air and has the same texture as the stuff in the air that are infamous for ruining picnics and beach trips.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest skincare product then this is one you should definitely consider. Many people are saying they’re the next best thing since sliced bread.

Like other types of skin care creams, you have many options when picking cloud-style creams. This includes various brands, forms, functions, ingredients, and prices. So it’s important to consider this issue so you can pick the right product for your needs.  

One caveat to consider is the overall quality of the moisturizer. While a light texture might be important it’s not the only factor you should consider. There are various other ones you should consider to get the results you want from the product.

Why Opt For A Cloud Cream


This is probably the most obvious benefit of cloud-style creams but it’s certainly worth noting. Many people want to avoid heavy creams and lotions in particular that can feel like they’re caked onto your face. This can cause unwanted results for both day and night creams.

There are a few possible issues. Day creams might be paired with other products like cosmetics and sunscreens. When the different products are stacked it can cause the skin cream to feel heavy and layered. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid.

When applying night creams it’s also important for your skin to be able to breathe. This is when your body reboots and one way to do that is to let your skin breathe. Adding a hydrating skin cream at night is a good idea but it shouldn’t be overly heavy so your skin can breathe.

As the name suggests cloud-style creams have an ultra-light texture that will almost feel like it’s evaporated after you apply it to your skin.


These products are moisturizers that hydrate the skin. One of the main benefits is after you apply it to your skin it leaves a layer of moisture that can help to keep your skin hydrated during the day or night.  

Many health experts recommend adding moisturizer during the day. This includes early in the morning, after bathing, following swimming, and at bedtime. The goal is to keep hydrating the skin to make sure your skin has enough moisture.

When picking a moisturizer you’ll have lots of options. They include day/night moisturizers, as well as different forms. So you can go with creams, lotions, and serums. The main difference among these is the amount of oil or water they have.


Like other moisturizers, you can use these cloud creams to add nutrients to your skin. This is another key goal besides adding moisture to the body’s largest organ. When picking moisturizers it’s recommended to pick ones with skin-friendly ingredients. This includes options like:

Top Ingredients for Skin Moisturizers


This one is famous for the Mediterranean dishes. However, it’s also high in healthy fat that can provide benefits for skin and hair. This natural oil has been trending in recent years for low-carb diets like Keto Ultra.


The plant’s gel is well-known to add moisture to skin and hair. You can find many moisturizers that include this ingredient.


This product is quite common in skincare/haircare products. It can help to smooth skin and slow down moisture loss. The shea butter is made from the shea tree, which is a traditional African plant. It’s believed to provide various health benefits including healthy skin.


This is one of the healthiest oils on the market and contains lots of omega-3s including a special kind known as “MCT” that’s tougher to find in food. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial features and can help boost collagen proteins, which are both critical for healthy skin.


This is a trending low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) food. Avocados are high in water and are also 80% healthy fat. These are both features that make it a skin-friendly tropical fruit.


Go with raw and “Manuka” honey for the best results. Raw honey doesn’t include the food process of regular honey, while Manuka honey is a variety that’s native to New Zealand. Both of these options are the best ones when picking skin creams with honey. The superfood is high in nutrients like antioxidants that make it ideal for cloud creams.

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