Chewy Candies: What Are They Made Of Plus Top Brands

What’s in a chewy candy? Find out all about why these are so addictive by reading this article.

gummy chewy candy on stick

Candy is something most people have loved since being children, and chewy candy is one of the candy’s evolutions transformed after many years. Basically, we’ve gotten more creative with how we make and eat our sweets. Starting with a few fun facts, the guy that invented candy’s first forms was called William James Morrison, and funny enough, he was a dentist who invented the cotton candy. In the past, soldiers used to be handed Tootsie Rolls in WWII since they held up more than necessary in various forms of weather. Easter is the holiday where candy-making companies get the best of their business.

Every year, they generate over 90 million Easter bunnies + 16 billion. jellybeans only for this one special holiday. To be able to produce plenty of marshmallow chicks plus bunnies (e.g. Peeps) for the Easter holiday, businesses generate 5 million each day all through the year. In fact, most traditional-flavored gum is colored pink for the reason that it was really the only color dye readily available during its invention period. More so, Three Musketeers chocolate candy bars acquired their name simply because every single bar primarily came in 3 pieces, with each another type of flavor. These were: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In fact, these are the same ones still being used today. Snickers, probably the most popular bars of today, were named from a horse. And while Americans eat plenty of candy, the Germans actually consume double the amount of these sweet treats. Americans just love Halloween because almost every kid in the USA does their trick or treats, over a 90% rate survey. And, over 75% of this candy given during the course of trick or treats, actually are bite-sized bars. Can’t get enough of chocolates and candies? Keep learning more about the special chew candy specifically and what’s in them. 

What’s in a Chew Candy?

Chewy candy or gummy candy would be one of the more popular candy selections on the market today–and it’s also not tough to understand why this is. With their cute shapes to sweet flavors, gummies appear to be fun, innocent treats. They’re chewy, sugary, and just fun to chew all-around. Many fans can be amazed to discover just how gummy goodies or chewy candy is manufactured. It can be unappetizing at first, and some could even say they are rather gruesome. You’ll find out why. 

Main ingredient #1 found in gummy candy actually is gelatin. And gelatin is comprised of long and stringy accumulation made from an animal-based protein known as collagen. These bond together to make 3-stranded structures like the two-stranded DNA helices. The shocking part? In order to make gelatin, various animal parts such as skin, horns, bones go through boiling for long periods. Gelatin actually is a tasteless and odorless substance, and as a consequence put into food like chewy candy, gummy candy, to Jell-O. This ensures their bounciness and rubbery form. They are elastic, ideal for placing a little bit of partially-solid jiggle into items that otherwise would be in liquid and runny form. Thanks, gelatin!

Top Gummy/Chewy Candy Brands

Now that you have an idea about what’s primarily in chewy candy, let’s get to know the top brands available for you to enjoy and try.

Albanese Gummi Bears

Coming in at 12 flavor options, a well-known maker of gummy bears, Albanese guarantees yummy goodness in the various flavors it offers. In one bag you will find 12 delicious choices. Their flavors carry much fruitiness in just one gummy snack. Moreover, they come with exotic options such as green apple, pink grapefruit, and blue raspberry.

Hoosier Hill Farms Choco Gummy Bears

Typically, gummies and chewy candy are colorful and tastes fruit, but not Hoosier’s, they’ve leveled up the plate of gummy dreams! Apart from being fruity, they are also coated with milky chocolate layer deliciousness! Get ready to be satisfied both by fruity gummy bears + choco loco goodness in one single treat!

Brach’s Gummies 

Made out of real fruit juices, gummy bears by Brach can be purchased in a variety of juicy flavors. These include orange, cherry, lime, and lemon. In fact, it’s a favorite for many shops to add as final toppings for frozen yogurts, among these fruit-flavored mini bears to fulfill the sweet treat craving. 

In fact, lovers of the treat assure you cannot tell the essential difference between this toothsome budget-branded bears to more popular competitors. Their candy simply is soft and fresh-tasting to the tooth! And don’t worry, they won’t get stuck in your teeth, because they’re just made awesome that way.

YumEarth Gummy Bear

This gummy bear maker is actually for the candy lovers who wish to abstain from junky ingredients, such as fructose-overloaded corn syrup, fake flavorings, and artificial dyes. More so, each one of these snack packs will provide you with 100% required everyday vitamin C needs. Great, stuff, YumEarth! Chewy and tasty to the last bear.

Cherry Giant Gummy Bears

Take an enormous bite from this enormous 5-lb bear. This particular sugar-loaded beast consists of more than 51 servings. This is significantly more than 1,000 times bigger than the typical gummy bear. If you should be trying to find something special for a friend who is a major lover of sweets, this is basically the treat that’s sure to impress.

Surf Sweets Fruity Bears (Organic)

Coming in with a 12-pack, these bears are fashioned from organic fruit juices, plus without containing any artificial coloring, flavoring, to sweeteners whatsoever. This Surf Sweets brand carries the promise to be a top clean ingredient brand in the industry. If that’s not all, they truly are made out of plant-based pectin compared to animal-based gelatin. This means these yummy treats actually are also amazingly vegan! How about it, can these bears get any better?

Chewy bears and toothsome soft candies, who doesn’t want a candy bear or two nowadays? Without thinking about what’s made inside of them, these bears will keep your tummy satisfied for any chew candy cravings, munch on!

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