Charcoal Mouthwash: Benefits And Facts You Need To Know

There are lots of misconceptions about charcoal mouthwash and its ability to whiten teeth. Here we will talk about the facts of charcoal mouthwash.

Charcoal Mouthwash

It sounds and looks weird when you use black stuff to wash your teeth just because you want to make it white. The truth is that charcoal mouthwash can whiten your teeth but it also has some side effects. It is important to have a healthy tooth to prevent bacteria growth in your teeth which can cause some disease in the body.

Facts About Charcoal Mouthwash

Charcoal mouthwash is gotten from activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has lots of benefits asides from whitening of the teeth. Compared to plain charcoal, activated charcoal has a high surface area. Because of its high surface area, it is highly absorptive and this makes it effective in removing stains on the tooth. Activated charcoal became something of use in the 20th century and it is then used for the main whitening of the teeth. 

Activated charcoal has negative ions which enable them to draw positive ions like tooth plaque and stain. For a charcoal mouthwash to effectively remove stains from the tooth, it must contain activated charcoal. If you use this mouthwash regularly, it can wear off your enamel. Charcoal mouthwash is not effective as people think they are, fine it can help remove the stain but it cannot remove the deep stain. Another thing about charcoal mouthwash is that it can cause black staining to your teeth.

Charcoal mouthwash does not contain fluoride which makes your teeth prone to decay. Fluoride is the ingredient that protects your teeth from decay. Fluoride also helps give you a strong tooth enamel. Some studies have shown that toothpaste with charcoal in it can cause tooth decay or increase your risk for tooth decay.  The addition of powdered charcoal can worsen the whole situation. If you have braces on or fillings it is best if you avoid mouthwash that contains charcoal, and if it is a must for you to use it, do not turn it into a daily routine. Charcoal particles can get stuck in your gum causing gum irritation. 

The buildup of charcoal particles in the spaces or cracks in your teeth can make your teeth worse than how it was before. The usage of charcoal mouthwash every day can be dangerous for your tooth. It is abrasive which can cause wearing down of enamel, instead of teeth whitening, your teeth turn yellow. Wearing down the enamel causes the exposure of dentin that is a yellow tissue. Daily use of charcoal mouthwash can cause your teeth to be sensitive.  

Does It Whiten Teeth?

Removing stains from the surface of the teeth is different from teeth whitening. Extrinsic stains are also surface stains and they can be gotten from tobacco, coffee, foods with dark color, drinks with dark color, and red wine. Surface stains do stay on the layer of your enamel but can be removed using toothpaste and whitening treatments. Intrinsic stains are stains that come from the inside of your tooth due to weak enamel, medications, excess use of fluoride, and trauma. 

Charcoal mouthwash is perfect for removing stains, not for teeth whitening. Whitening your teeth with any kind of toothpaste can be impossible but toothpaste that contains charcoal can remove some extrinsic stain effectively. Some toothbrushes with activated charcoal can also go a long way in removing a stain. The best way to whiten your teeth is to consult your dentist for teeth whitening treatments. 

There are lots of effective and safe products that can be used to whiten the teeth. Some are over the counter products which are endorsed by the association of dentists.

Aside from charcoal products, the following can also help in your journey to have a white and bright tooth:

  • Whitening strips
  • In-office whitening
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Home whitening process supervised by your dentist

Pros and Cons of Charcoal Mouthwash

There are a few benefits of charcoal mouthwash. Before we go into the cons of charcoal mouthwash let us first look at the pros of charcoal mouthwash.

  • It can help remove extrinsic stains from your teeth.
  • This type of mouthwash can also help change bad breath to a good and pleasant one.
  • It can also help in the prevention of stains if used occasionally, but it will be after you have gotten professional cleaning.

Now let us see the cons of using charcoal mouthwash.

  • It is abrasive which will cause your tooth enamel to wear down and gives your teeth a yellow color instead of the white teeth your desire.
  • It cannot remove stains that are intrinsic which means stains that are below your tooth enamel.
  • Most charcoal mouthwash brands do not have fluoride as part of the ingredients which puts you at risk for tooth decay and cavities.
  • If you have dental restorations like white fillings, veneers, braces, and bridges crown, you should avoid charcoal mouthwash because it can put a permanent stain on them.
  • No research has shown its safety and if it is good for long-life usage.
  • Using charcoal mouthwash every day can cause you to have tooth sensitivity.

Charcoal mouthwash is one of the most popular products that contain activated charcoal. The truth is that it is not effective more than other toothpaste that does not contain charcoal. No doubt that it can help remove certain stains but it is not perfect for teeth whitening. The best way to prevent stains on your tooth is to brush daily and if possible after every meal or if you drink any beverage that can stain your teeth like coffee and red wine.

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