CBD Oil for Anxiety: Does It Help?

CBD oil is making rounds in the online world due to its alleged anxiety alleviation effects. But are the claims really true?

CBD Oil drops

Lately, CBD oil (cannabidiol) is making rounds on the internet due to its alleged anxiety alleviation effects. This article will try to uncover whether CBD oil for anxiety really works. This feature is not science-backed or research-based though, it is an infusion of texts from several distinguished pieces of literature. So if you are someone who wants to know the technical aspect and wants confirmation from an expert in the field of medicine, you can research and get more materials out there.

So far though there is little research to back the potency of CBD oils and the likes of it in treating anxiety, depression, stress and so on of people. This dilemma is weakly relieved though only by anecdotes from people who significantly observed the decrease of the symptoms of anxiety.

Before we know more about how CBD oil for anxiety works, let us get to know what anxiety is first.


Anxiety is everywhere. In fact, it is one of the most common behavioral and emotional issues that people experience every day in the whole world. Yes, you heard that right. Anxiety is now considered an issue and is already gaining popularity in the last decade.

Anxiety is a condition which almost hinders us from doing anything. It hinders us from taking a leap into our career, it hinders us from making necessary decisions in life, and it hinders us from living the best that we can in this world. It makes us feel restless, and the things that had us worrying are not worthy of being worried about at all.

Treating Anxiety

Anxiety actually is not one type of condition; it develops and forms into different versions. Some of these forms are aggressive, and some are mild. Historically, how do people treat anxiety?


CBD oil for anxiety is the universally initial considered treatment. The first recorded usage of this treatment dates back in 1500 in the Middle East. Since then, experts and researchers have been experimenting on substances that can cure and treat anxiety. These researches are often time patterned to that of cannabis. These experts have also tried unlocking the capability of cannabis to treat other emotional and behavioral conditions.


Therapies are also considered treatments that make a difference in relieving persons suffering from anxiety. These are often formulated by experts solely to pinpoint the significant points of your personality that might have a link to anxiety. These carefully formulated therapy programs help you understand further the situation and lets you have a bigger picture of self-awareness. The understanding and a fresh perspective are a step further to relieve you of severe bouts of anxiety. Therapy relieves you of irrational feelings, fear, and anxiety. It makes you more grounded, sane, and more rational in situations to which anxiety chronically attacks.

Oral Medications

Therapy is a slow-paced and a carefully knitted way of treating anxiety disorders. When your anxiety is quite severe though that it distracts you from doing some of the most basic things to do in your daily life, it calls for stronger and more immediate measures like oral medications.

There is a medication solely formulated for anxiety. These medications are classified under the name, anxiolytics. The effects are quite positive the downside though is, anxiolytics might render some side effects.

Self-Made Remedies

Anxiety can also be treated by intentionally deciding to relieve yourself out of it with the help of yourself. You can impose in you a self-awareness for things that make you tick or things that trigger this emotion. You can also enroll yourself in physically interactive programs like yoga, pilates and the likes of it.

From therapies to oral medications, the treatment of anxiety has specific side effects for the patient to endure. That is why experts are now turning their sights on CBD oils to solve the problem for them.

The CBD Oil Treatment

The cannabis plant has many active ingredients. One of them is called CBD. Experts are gearing their research on the CBD due to the initial recordings it has. CBD in a moderate and controlled does is found to have myriads of benefits in the health section.

Some active ingredients of cannabis can generally make you high. CBD does not induce a feeling of highness. Another recorded effect of CBD in the body is its effect on the hormones of human beings. The hormone that it can harness is called serotonin. Serotonin is the hormone that controls your mood. If CBD can harness your mood, it might prove to be an effective way of treating several mood disorders. All these factors are causing a lot of research in unlocking more beneficial discoveries of CBD oil in health.

The Effects of CBD Oil

Behavioral and emotional condition like anxiety is usually treated by oral medication. Some of these medications are effective but has unpleasant effects associated with it. Studies show that CBD oils are actually quite effective in reducing the feeling of anxiety and has no or fewer side effects associated with it.
A groundbreaking study published in 2010 that suggests the positive effects of CBD oil in alleviating the feeling and symptoms of anxiety. It says there, that indeed, there is a big possibility that medication with no bouts of side effects can be harnessed to treat anxiety.

Some clinical trials did not only prove the effectivity of CBD oil in harnessing behavioral and emotional condition. It also proved the CBD oil’s effectivity in treating some physiological conditions like body pain, spine issues, mental issues, and the cardiovascular system.

A study published in 2011 also attested to the versatility of CBD oil in treating the different forms of anxiety. This study suggests that CBD oil can also be used as a treatment for social anxiety and many more forms of anxiety.

Bottom line is, you need to invest in high-quality CBD oil products than risk yourself from THC exposure from low-quality products. Do not be fooled by false advertising and try to be a wise consumer.



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