A Complete Guide On Choosing The Best Mattress For Arthritis And Joint Pain

Do such a thing as “the perfect mattress’ exist? The truth is it exists but on a personal level. What we mean by this is that there is no particular brand that can be called the perfect one but you can find the perfect one for you. When it comes to choosing the right mattress

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Do such a thing as “the perfect mattress’ exist? The truth is it exists but on a personal level. What we mean by this is that there is no particular brand that can be called the perfect one but you can find the perfect one for you. When it comes to choosing the right mattress people have their individual needs and preferences so what is best for one may not be so for another. Certain health conditions like arthritis, joint pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, etc would require an individual to seek special mattresses. So when you read things like “best mattress for arthritis,” “best mattress for upper back pain,” or “best mattress for lower back pain sufferers” understand that this is referring to the most comfortable mattress where such people can have a good rest.

Finding the right mattress is going to be a challenging task. You might even get it wrong a few times before you meet the right one. Although some companies claim their mattresses are good for people with chronic conditions at the end of the day it is most likely only a marketing strategy. But don’t be deterred by this as there are definitely still some trustworthy ones out there. What you need is to be properly guided In your search and that is what this article is for – to guide you in choosing the right mattress.

How Sleep Affects Arthritis And Vice Versa

Arthritis exists in different forms and these forms have different effects on the body. But this condition certainly can affect one’s sleep in several ways. Back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and hip pain can make lying down uncomfortable or make it difficult to get a comfy position on the bed. This would most likely affect the quality of your sleep and you will find yourself waking up often. Even if you get to sleep through the night, you might wake up feeling unrest. If you are reading this then you probably must have heard about this before. The research discovered that two out of every three arthritis patients suffer insomnia or have difficulty sleeping. While many have attributed these as part of arthritis symptoms the real may, in fact, be bad or poor night rest. Think of it like a circle where one thing leads to the other and it just keeps getting worse.

Poor sleep quality worsens many health conditions, arthritis included. It could lower the threshold of your pain throughout the day and make you feel pain and discomfort. It may even cause localized pain and ache.

Increased stiffness, fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, poor memory, fluctuating mood, and lessened concentration are not good for anyone and worse still when it aggravates an already existing condition like arthritis.

Why It Is Important To Have The Right Mattress For Arthritis

Several studies show that changing one’s mattress can help improve the quality of sleep especially for those experiencing chronic pain. Finding the best mattress for arthritis and fibromyalgia and other conditions like orthopedic mattresses would play a role in relieving some pain and improve sleep quality.

The research found out that one’s sleep quality is not necessarily affected by the pain they were in before they went to bed but by a poor night’s sleep. The intensity of pain you will feel after waking is related to how poor your sleep was. This brings us to highlight the following reasons why you need a good mattress: to minimize pain, discomfort, back strain, and joint strain.

You need a mattress that can maintain your spine correctly, reducing joint and back strain. Sadly even mattresses have an expiry date in the sense that they would one day sag, become lumpy, and unable to render needed support. However, you can extend mattress life by flipping and rotating it at intervals. This will decrease strain on a specific spot but in the long run, you will have to replace them completely.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Arthritis

There are endless streams of suggestions online about the “best” mattress for arthritis and other health conditions. They would all most likely differ from each and this is understandable as people are affected differently by this condition and as such would have different needs and preferences. Also, there is the issue of weight, body, and height differences that have to be put into consideration.

In the sea of suggestion, opinions, and guides, here are the basic guidelines that would help you make the right mattress choice for you:

1. Support

Before you choose that mattress, make sure it is going to provide adequate support. A good mattress should be able to support not just your spine, shoulders, and neck but also your hips, legs, knees, and waist.

2. Support is not the same as firmness

People often mistake a mattress that offers support to be one that does not give in easily. Like a very firm mattress. While there are those that would prefer a firm mattress, arthritis patients should use a mattress that decreases direct pressure on sensitive joints. So yes, you should consider softness.

3. Stability 

While we say you go for a soft mattress, it should not be too soft! Try to find a good balance. Moving around while sleeping is important to decrease stiffness brought about by maintaining only one sleep position. But if your mattress is too soft then moving around with ease will be harder.

4. Try the orthopedic mattress for arthritis

An orthopedic mattress is specially designed to supply optimum support. They can be of great benefit to people with chronic conditions. Latex mattresses and memory foam or toppers conform to its user body shape and provide flexible, firm support. Ortho pocket spring mattresses often have a higher amount of individually contained springs that will provide flexible support.

We hope these guidelines on choosing the best mattress for arthritis are of help to you. You can also follow the arthritis foundation mattress recommendations.

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