Aztec Healing Clay: What’s The Big Deal With This Healing Clay Mask?

The Aztec healing clay mask gained so much traction in 2015 among Americans. And by 2017, it had taken the market by storm. Everyone began to rave about it, specifically on YouTube and Amazon. What’s the big deal with this healing clay mask? Read on to find out.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask

The Aztec healing clay mask has a wide following. There are as many as almost 13,000 Amazon reviews from customers. 71% of these customers gave this product a 5-star rating. So what’s the big deal with this healing clay mask? This is for a very good reason. This clay mask has made a big difference in many peoples’ lives. It has given them not only better but also better hair. And to say that it only contains 2 ingredients? This product is indeed quite straightforward enough. But then, many devoted fans have developed several hacks and tips on how to use it. There are many different ways to use Aztec clay that you may not have heard about. This clay mask proclaims itself as the most powerful and best facial in the world.

Some customers even claim that after a single use of this amazing clay, they could tell the difference. Their skin significantly increased. One of the reviewers said this clay mask has changed her skin after using it only two times. The Aztec mask fades scars, shrink acne, and fades dark spots, among other benefits. The healing clay contains 100% clay of calcium bentonite (natural). This clay can absorb toxins and deliver many amazing skin benefits. It also delivers benefits for the hair. Read on to find out the big deal with this amazing healing clay mask.

What’s The Big Deal about Aztec Healing Clay Mask?

The following are reasons why this healing mask is all shades of amazing

1. You can mix the mask and apply it with a sandwich bag 

Many healing clays have complex usage instructions. But with this simple hack, using Aztec clay is quite easy. All you need do is put the clay with and either ACV or water in a bag. Then seal up the bag and shake it around.

After mixing the ingredients, you should open the bag and flip it inside out. Then apply the clay mask on your face. That’s quite simple and affordable.

2. The mask is relatively quick

You need to leave this mask on for only 5-10 minutes. While there are many great masks out there, you need about 30 minutes to sit still with them on your face. Most people just chill and watch TV during this time window. Some others just do some random pampering.

The Aztec mask works quite quickly unlike many of these other options. Many of its users report that it works really well and you don’t need to sit still for a long time. All you need is 5 to 10 minutes.

3.  You can apply the mask to your hair for moisturizing effects

If you apply Aztec clay to your hair, it might give your hair curls the shine and softness that you’ve always dreamt about. The clay contains negative ions that may help to remove buildup and give your strands less frizz and more smoothness.

Some people only use the ACV and clay combo for their hair. However, some others make use of some multi-ingredient recipes. Many fans on Reddit prescribe several tips on how you can turn the mask to an amazing hair miracle.

4.  It’s an amazing spot treatment that eliminates pimples

Redditors and Amazon users recommend that you apply small amounts of this mask to pimples. They say you should let the clay dry overnight. By morning, you might discover that your pimples are totally flat or dry.

5. You can detox your armpit with Aztec clay before applying natural deodorant

It could be quite overwhelming when you switch to using natural deodorants. Most times, they are not as effective as artificial products at ridding off smell. More so, natural deodorants sometimes cause rashes.

There’s a way out. Apply a mixture of 1 tbsp. Aztec with a bit of ACV and water. This would draw out aluminum buildup and stink-causing bacteria. This would help create an enjoyable experience with your natural deodorant.

Other Amazing Things to Know about Aztec Clay

You can stir and apply it with a rubber spatula. You already know from the name that this mask is, for the most part, clay. As such, it might get quite thick. Some people use their fingers to stir it. Some others use a stir stick.

However, it’s much better to use a rubber spatula. With that, you can stir your clay into a very smooth mixture. With a rubber spatula, you can easily apply the clay evenly. More so, you wouldn’t have to soil your hands in clay. And if you feel like going all in, you can get yourself a set containing plastic utensils too.

The jar instructions say that you should use the mask 2 times a week. This means that lots of mixing and stirring will be going on. Well, it’s all in a bid to get better skin.

Anyway, you shouldn’t have to muck up your home-use serving ware. You also don’t have to throw out your plastic spoons and paper bowls each time you make a batch. You can purchase a kit for just the clay mask.

The most important thing is to make sure to avoid metal utensils. Before grabbing any metal for applying and mixing Aztec clay, there’s something you must know. Metal interacts with the clay’s negative charge and decreases its effectiveness before you put it on your face. However, But plastic utensils and bowls are OK. Wooden, ceramic, and glass stuff are OK too.

More so, you can mix Aztec clay with 100% ACV or water to make your mask. However, most users say they prefer to use ACV. Using ACV for your clay would create an even and clump-free paste. It gives smoother clay than water.

But remember to test the clay with a skin patch test, especially if your skin is quite sensitive. Also try using a half-vinegar, half-water combination if there are concerns about how your skin may react.


It was not clear at what point Aztec clay entered the US market. But Aztec healing clay mask gained so much traction in 2015 among Americans. And by 2017, it had taken the market by storm. Everyone began to rave about it, specifically on YouTube and Amazon.

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