Amazing Grass Superfood: Is It Good For You As They Claim?

Amazing Grass Superfood: Is the hype really up to par with its real quality? Find out more about the product by reading this review.

Amazing Grass Superfood

Amazing Grass Superfood: what is this product all about and what are its amazing benefits for health? This product is made of greens, and is a superfood mix drink made to offer the body a variety of nutrient-packed refreshing goodness. Within the last few years, health vitamin supplements have improved in popularity as well as visibility. From the rise of obtainable powdered drink mixtures, it marks to be progressively tougher in determining what kind of beverage is best suited for a specific diet in each individual. 

All About Amazing Grass Superfood

Established in 2002, Amazing Grass founded its philosophy that focuses on good whole-foods farming to harvesting. Its superfood is known as “Amazing Grass” contains antioxidants and probiotics loaded into the drink mix.

This original whole foods formula comprises a mixture of edible grass, antioxidants, amylase, and fatty acids in order to make a combination that is very distinctive compared to other brands available in the market today. Based on the business, the foundation of the formula begins with nutritious vegetables that were harvested prior to entering the joining stage if you look at the plant growing cycle, hence, getting its peak nutrition. The maker then dehydrates these specific types of plants to process the powder. As soon as it is powdered, it makes this product frozen till bottling comes.

Amazing Grass states that their barley grass, harvested wheatgrass, alfalfa preserves the exact same quality with good, fresh fruit and veggies. Just one scoop found in this Amazing Greens could provide the exact same nutritional equivalent like that of taking in nutritious, whole leafy greens. A glance at their other compounds, you will see that Amazing Grass contributes to the product’s superfood mixture, helping you see whether this supplement processes as much as it really promises to fulfill each one of their consumer’s nutritional needs.

What’s With Amazing Grass Superfood


The taste is not sweet nor sour, but blandish and pleasant. This is good, considering that the marketplace of greens powders, plenty of them taste like just grass. Amazing Grass product makes it friendly to drink just for you. The product has a distinct taste to it, and you will see this when you simply mix it along with water + milk. But it may probably hide better with juice, as it goes undetected, blended with an excellent and thick shake. The product doesn’t stop there with its original flavor. It comes with flavor options like açai berry, chocolate, pineapples, lemongrass, to something unique like “holiday cookie.” Great, huh?


So what’s in this amazing green grass product? One serving of Amazing Green Superfood contains 30% RDI in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, 15% Vitamin B12, as well as 65% Vitamin A. This isn’t like any other vitamin or supplement available, as the particular product contains significantly more than the regular greens powders which are actually more costly.

Know that products like Amazing Grass aren’t adequate for exactly replacing one cup worth of vegetables. Greens powders should not be taken for an immediate veggie, it simply helps boost the intake amount. This one is low in calcium and magnesium, the 2 very important minerals which feature leafy greens. Always keep in mind that you can still eat your veggies even while taking Amazing Green Superfood regularly.

More than that, this is too a great way to obtain antioxidants. The particular is the reason why it is so marketable. Its packaging offers you a great deal in bodily protection. Almost as much as 5 – 10 veggie servings. Antioxidants can aid in slowing a number of aging’s effects, in addition to the beginnings of diseases like cancer to cardiovascular illnesses.

If this doesn’t convince you enough for a more nutritious you, another awesome ingredient to the powder is that it contains probiotics. Probiotics would be the healthy bacteria which improves digestion, nutrient absorption, immunity, and inflammation. Most of us are unsuccessful in sustaining a healthy and balanced gut. While fiber helps, consuming fermented food is one of the most efficient ways to take these specific bacteria. It aids in bowel movements, and consumers have even noted that it helps with diarrhea. However, take note not to replace this product with the actual medication for ailments you may be experiencing. Finally, the product provides a detoxing effect that helps to eliminate waste, making the process of it a lot more effective. 


On the Amazon e-commerce website, you can get one hundred servings for a low price of $51.50. This is equivalent to 51.5 cents per serving. This is actually the most affordable greens supplement out there today, making it a huge selling point. What a great, economic choice.

Behind the Product’s Guarantee

Did you know? These green grasses also have received certification through California’s Certified Organic Farmer (CCOF) association? Aside from the grasses, this product also incorporates antioxidants to root veggies, and even plant-procured essential fatty acid, digestive enzymes. Essentially, this mix of veggies and fruit ought to offer a nutritional boost to enhance one’s all-around health.

Other locations for buying Amazing Grass?

The product is already popular, with regards to availability concerning its retail space. You can buy this organic superfood from Amazon as well as the ff. locations:

  • Official website:
  • Whole Foods
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Lucky Vitamin


The majority of vendors advise mixing one scoop of this powder superfood with 8 water/juice ounces for ingestion, the very first thing during the morning. On the other hand, you may want to mix this product too, incorporate it into smoothies.

Considering that the product consists of probiotics, you really need to place the container into the fridge or freezer just after opening.

Green Superfood Success

This superfood aids in fat loss, believe it or not. However, it isn’t marketed to be a weight-reducing product. The issuer does declare that individuals may mix their product in juices to smoothies. Every serving consists of few calories with no sugar (that might be very therapeutic for people keeping track of calories for losing weight). This product also incorporates traditional fat reduction, fats burn ingredients (such as for example, pineapple). So what are you waiting for? Grab your package of Amazing Grass Superfood for better health today!

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