Danielle Walker’s Against All Grains

Against all Grains is a Danielle Walker cookbook that includes 100+ recipes that are Paleo-friendly. They’re also grain-free and mostly dairy-free. The recipes are quick and easy to make.

danielle walker against all grains

Against All Grains is a cookbook by Danielle Walker. It includes 100+ Paleo-friendly so it swaps out grains, beans, and most dairy. The recipes are quick and easy to make so you won’t have to spend several hours preparing them. They also ditch wheat flour and swap in options like coconut flour.

Is it useful?

The Paleo diet only allows cooking ingredients that were available to early hunter/gatherer humans. So foods that became produced on farms during agriculture aren’t allowed. That includes ones like grains, beans, and dairy. Some dairy is allowed so it’s important to research what’s allowed.

You can use the Against All Grains cookbook for preparing meals anytime during the day. This provides several benefits since you won’t have to limit when you prepare the meals. You can make them anytime for any of your 3 square meals and they’ll be Paleo-friendly without grains, beans, dairy, etc.

These recipes are very quick and easy to make. So you won’t have to spend several hours in the kitchen preparing them. It’s a plus over other cookbooks with recipes that require many hours to prepare. The main issue with Paleo cooking is it might be difficult to find certain ingredients like coconut flour.

Are there any cons in using this cookbook?

None. This cookbook helps to avoid various food allergies including wheat/gluten and dairy. The Paleo diet doesn’t allow grains and only allows some kinds of dairy. So this cookbook is a good option if you’re on the Paleo diet since you can find 100+ Paleo-friendly recipes that are easy to make.

What are the benefits?

1. Paleo-friendly recipes

This cookbook includes 100+ recipes that are Paleo-friendly. This provides whole foods and minimally-processed foods that are required on the diet. It also doesn’t allow certain foods like grains, beans, and most dairy. Many people follow the Paleo diet either directly or adjust it for other diets.

2. Quick/Easy recipes

Most of the recipes are very easy to make. One of the main comments from reviewers is that they’re very quick and easy to make. So you won’t have to spend several hours doing food prep, which can be a hassle. The time you save can be used for other priorities in your life.

3. Kindle version

You can also get a Kindle version for your e-book reader. This is a plus if you don’t want to deal with a traditional paper-based cookbook. It provides the convenience of the Amazon device that might be more convenient for some Paleo dieters. You have the option of the paperback and ebook version.

4. Grain/Dairy-free

The recipes are grain-free and mostly dairy-free. Paleo does allow some kinds of dairy. This is a plus for people on the Paleo diet. It also benefits those who have certain allergies like gluten and dairy. In those situations, you should make sure to avoid those foods so you don’t have allergic reactions.

5. Reviews

The cookbook has received an average of over 4.5/5 stars from 1700+ Amazon reviews. Most customers have been pleased with the product. They report the recipes are quick and easy to make and Paleo-friendly. This shows the book delivers what it claims to.

In addition, Walker is a NY Times best-selling author. So she has a lot of experience in terms of Paleo cooking and recipes. This is another plus since it adds value to the cookbook.

6. Paleo-friendly baking

If you’re a fan of baked goods then you’ll have several options. Wheat flour isn’t allowed on Paleo. However, there are other options like coconut flour. It’s gluten-free and won’t trigger symptoms among people with health conditions like wheat allergies and celiac disease.

7. Meal planning

It’s also easier to do weekday meal planning with these recipes. They’re easy to make and include some basic Paleo staples that you can stock in your pantry for weekday dinners.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

The paperback version is in the under-$25 price range and the Kindle version is in the under-$10 price range. This falls within the average range of $15 to $30 for cookbooks. Another benefit is this cookbook features niche Paleo-friendly recipes. These recipes can be tougher to find.  

Company Information

A. Company Address, Phone Number, and website

Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

  • NYT bestseller
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • Recipes easy to make
  • Paleo-friendly recipes
  • Dairy-free recipes

B. 5 negative reviews

  • Often requires coconut flour
  • Many nightshade veggies used
  • Includes some dairy
  • Photos not very good
  • High price tag

Where to buy

You can find this product available at various brick & mortar bookstores. It’s important to contact the store first to find out if they carry the title. This can save you a trip to the bookstore. If a particular bookstore doesn’t carry the book you can search for it at another store.

You can also shop online for the book. That includes the Against All Grains homepage. You can also shop online at online retailers like Amazon. This provides more convenience since you can shop from home, work, office, etc. Another plus is you can shop using your mobile device like a phone and tablet.

Link to the product page: https://www.amazon.com/Danielle-Walkers-Against-All-Grain/dp/162860042X

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